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MBR97 * Action Recognition Using Temporal Templates
* Continuous Automatic Speech Recognition by Lipreading
* Cyclic Motion Analysis Using Periodic Trace
* Estimating Image Motion Using Temporal Multi-Scale Optical Flow and Acceleration
* Facial Expression Recognition Using Image Motion
* Human Activity Recognition
* Learning Deformable Models for Tracking the Human Body
* Learning Visual Models for Lipreading
* Motion-Based Recognition
* Real-Time American Sign Language from Video Using Hidden Markov Models
* Recognition of Human Movements Based on Explicit Motion Models
* Recognizing Human Motion using Parameterized Models of Optical Flow
* State-Based Recognition of Gesture
* Temporal Texture and Activity Recognition
* Visual Recognition of Activities, Gestures, Facial Expressions and Speech: An Introduction and a Perspective
* Visually Recognizing Speech Using Eigen Sequences
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