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MMDE04 * *Multimedia Data and Document Engineering
* Approach to Visualize Image Retrieval Results, An
* GCap: Graph-based Automatic Image Captioning
* Gradual Transition Detection Using Average Frame Similarity
* Interactive 3-D Shape Retrieval System Using the Attributed Relational Graph
* Learning in Region-Based Image Retrieval with Generalized Support Vector Machines
* Learning the Semantics in Image Retrieval: A Natural Language Processing Approach
* Midstream Content Access of Visual Pattern Coded Imagery
* Output Constraints in Multimedia Database Systems
* Probabilistic Approach to Image Orientation Detection via Confidence-Based Integration of Low-Level and Semantic Cues, A
* Reducing I/O Cost of Similarity Queries by Processing Several at a Time
* Robust Error Metric Analysis for Noise Estimation in Image Indexing
* Virtualized Classroom: Automated Production, Media Integration and User-Customized Presentation
* Visual Object Categorization using Distance-Based Discriminant Analysis
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