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MPeople99 * *IEEE International Workshop on Modelling People
* Automated Body Modeling from Video Sequences
* Generating a Population of Animated Faces from Pictures
* Improved Algorithm for Reconstruction of the Surface of the Human Body from 3D Scanner Data using Local B-spline Patches, An
* Learning Structured Behavior Models using Variable Length Markov Models
* Modeling People's Focus of Attention
* Real Time Tracking and Modeling of Faces: An EKF-based Analysis by Synthesis Approach
* Real-time, 3D Estimation of Human Body Postures from Trinocular Images
* Stereoscopic System for Human Body Tracking in Natural Scenes
* Stochastic Temporal Models of Human Activities
* Towards Model-based Capture of a Persons Shape, Appearance and Motion
* Tracking Hybrid 2D-3D Human Models from Multiple Views
* Understanding Purposeful Human Motion
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