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PIRE( Vol No. ) * *Proceedings of IEEE

PIRE(26) * Fine Structure of Television Images, The

PIRE(29) * Television, the Scanning Process

PIRE(36) * Philosophy of PCM, The

PIRE(38) * Quality Rating of Television Images

PIRE(39) * New Technique for Improving the Sharpness of TV Pictures, A
* Subjective Sharpness of Additive Color Pictures

PIRE(40) * Method for the Construction of Minimum-Redundancy Codes, A

PIRE(42) * Brightness Modification Proposals for Televising Color Film

PIRE(43) * Image Processing

PIRE(46) * Computer Oriented toward Spatial Problems, A
* State of the Art in Pattern Recognition

PIRE(47) * Pattern Detection and Recognition
* Technique of Spatial Filtering, The
* Two-Dimensional Predictive Redundancy in a Television Display

PIRE(48) * Video Transmission over Telephone Cable Pairs by Pulse Code Modulation

PIRE(49) * Computer Simulation of a Television Coding Scheme
* Pattern Recognition by Moment Invariants
* Pattern Recognition Using Autocorrelation

PIRE(50) * On Visual Perception and Retinal Motions
* Video Transmission by Delta Modulation Using Tunnel Diodes

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