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VXAI19 * *Interpreting and Explaining Visual AI Models
* Assisting human experts in the interpretation of their visual process: A case study on assessing copper surface adhesive potency
* Bin-wise Temperature Scaling (BTS): Improvement in Confidence Calibration Performance through Simple Scaling Techniques
* Characterizing Sources of Uncertainty to Proxy Calibration and Disambiguate Annotator and Data Bias
* Class Feature Pyramids for Video Explanation
* Decision explanation and feature importance for invertible networks
* Explaining Convolutional Neural Networks using Softmax Gradient Layer-wise Relevance Propagation
* Explaining Visual Models by Causal Attribution
* Free-Lunch Saliency via Attention in Atari Agents
* Interpreting Undesirable Pixels for Image Classification on Black-Box Models
* Occlusions for Effective Data Augmentation in Image Classification
* Propagated Perturbation of Adversarial Attack for well-known CNNs: Empirical Study and its Explanation
* Semantically Interpretable Activation Maps: what-where-how explanations within CNNs
* Towards A Rigorous Evaluation Of XAI Methods On Time Series
* Understanding Convolutional Networks Using Linear Interpreters - Extended Abstract
* Why are Saliency Maps Noisy? Cause of and Solution to Noisy Saliency Maps
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