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XAI4CV23 * *Explainable AI for Computer Vision Workshop
* Analyzing Results of Depth Estimation Models with Monocular Criteria
* Ante-Hoc Generation of Task-Agnostic Interpretation Maps
* CAVLI - Using image associations to produce local concept-based explanations
* Confusion Matrix for Evaluating Feature Attribution Methods, A
* Disentangling Neuron Representations with Concept Vectors
* Hierarchical Explanations for Video Action Recognition
* Localized Shortcut Removal
* Manifold Hypothesis for Gradient-Based Explanations, The
* ODSmoothGrad: Generating Saliency Maps for Object Detectors
* Robustness of Visual Explanations to Common Data Augmentation Methods
* Sanity checks for patch visualisation in prototype-based image classification
* Seg-XRes-CAM: Explaining Spatially Local Regions in Image Segmentation
* Shared Interest ... Sometimes: Understanding the Alignment between Human Perception, Vision Architectures, and Saliency Map Techniques
* Text2Concept: Concept Activation Vectors Directly from Text
* Towards Evaluating Explanations of Vision Transformers for Medical Imaging
* Vision DiffMask: Faithful Interpretation of Vision Transformers with Differentiable Patch Masking
* ZEBRA: Explaining rare cases through outlying interpretable concepts
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