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Eaton Gonzalez, R.[Ricardo] * 2021: Indigenous Mapping for Integrating Traditional Knowledge to Enhance Community-Based Vegetation Management and Conservation: The Kumeyaay Basket Weavers of San José de_la_Zorra, México
* 2021: Participatory Mapping as a Didactic and Auxiliary Tool for Learning Community Integration, Technology Transference, and Natural Resource Management
Includes: Eaton Gonzalez, R.[Ricardo] Eaton-Gonzalez, R.[Ricardo] Eaton-González, R.[Ricardo]

Eaton, D.[Daniel] * 2006: Object Detection and Localization Using Local and Global Features
* 2013: FractVis: Visualizing Microseismic Events
Includes: Eaton, D.[Daniel] Eaton, D.[David]

Eaton, E.[Eric] * 2017: Estimating 3D trajectories from 2D projections via disjunctive factored four-way conditional restricted Boltzmann machines
* 2019: Deep Transfer Learning for Few-Shot SAR Image Classification

Eaton, G. * 2017: Method to Create Stable Lighting and Remove Specular Reflections for Vision Systems, A

Eaton, J. * 2017: Ant Colony Optimization for Simulated Dynamic Multi-Objective Railway Junction Rescheduling

Eaton, R. * 2008: Rapid training of image classifiers through adaptive, multi-frame sampling method
* 2012: efficient single Vote Hough tracking algorithm, An
* 2015: Perceived X-ray image quality for baggage screening
Includes: Eaton, R. Eaton, R.[Ray]

Eaton, R.S. * 2004: Motion imagery navigation using terrain estimates
* 2005: Single Camera Stereo for Mobile Robot Surveillance
* 2006: Systems View of Scale Space, A
Includes: Eaton, R.S. Eaton, R.S.[Ross S.]

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