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Ehrich, R. * 1996: Analysis of Moire Patterns in Non-Uniformly Sampled Halftones
* 2000: Analysis of Moire Patterns in Non-Uniformly Sampled Halftones

Ehrich, R.W. * 1971: Contextual Word Recognition Using Binary Digrams
* 1975: Experiments in the Contextual Recognition of Cursive Script
* 1977: Detection of Global Edges in Textured Images
* 1978: Elements of a Structural Model of Texture
* 1978: View of Texture Topology and Texture Description, A
* 1979: Segmentation of Images with Incompletely Specified Regions
* 1981: Contextual Boundary Formation by One-dimensional Edge Detection and Scan Line Matching
* 1983: Spatial Reasoning in Remotely Sensed Data
* 1984: Extraction of Lines and Regions from Grey Tone Line Drawing Images
* 1984: Texture Boundary Formation via Structural Region Growing
* 1988: Contextual Word Recognition Using Probabilistic Relaxation Labeling
* 1988: Dynamic programming approach for context classification using the Markov random field
* 1990: Framework for Uncertainty Reasoning in Hierarchical Visual Evidence Space, A
* 1995: Subpixel Edge Location in Binary Images Using Dithering
* 2008: MirrorTrack: A real-time multiple camera approach for multi-touch interactions on glossy display surfaces
Includes: Ehrich, R.W. Ehrich, R.W.[Roger W.]
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Ehricke, H.H.[Hans Heino] * 2009: Diffusion MRI Tractography of Crossing Fibers by Cone-Beam ODF Regularization
Includes: Ehricke, H.H.[Hans Heino] Ehricke, H.H.[Hans-Heino]

Ehritt Braun, C.[Claudia] * 1999: Local elastic matching and pattern recognition in MR mammography
Includes: Ehritt Braun, C.[Claudia] Ehritt-Braun, C.[Claudia]

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