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Elamaran, V. * 2020: Automated diagnosis of epilepsy from EEG signals using ensemble learning approach

Elamin, K.A.E.[Khalid A. E.] * 2018: Satellite-Based Mapping of Cultivated Area in Gash Delta Spate Irrigation System, Sudan

Elamine, D.O. * 2015: Multi-agent system based on fuzzy control and prediction using NN for smart microgrid energy management

Elamri, F.Z. * 2020: Induced guided acoustic waves by the presence of a defective guide in one dimensional asymmetric loop phononic crystal

Elamsy, T.[Tarik] * 2011: Combining Mendonša-Cipolla Self-calibration and Scene Constraints
* 2012: new method for linear affine self-calibration of stationary zooming stereo cameras, A
* 2013: Parallel Planes Identification Using Uncalibrated Zooming Cameras
* 2014: Self-calibration of stationary non-rotating zooming cameras

Elamvazuthi, I.[Irraivan] * 2015: 3D Reconstruction of CFL Ligament Based on Ultrasonographic Images

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