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Elbehiery, H.M.[Hussam M.] * 2005: Visual Inspection for Fired Ceramic Tile's Surface Defects Using Wavelet Analysis

Elbeleidy, S.[Saad] * 2020: Predicting Cognitive Declines Using Longitudinally Enriched Representations for Imaging Biomarkers
* 2021: Predicting Cognitive Declines Using Longitudinally Enriched Representations for Imaging Biomarkers

Elbeltagi, E.[Emad] * 2016: Adjustment and Assessment of the Measurements of Low and High Sampling Frequencies of GPS Real-Time Monitoring of Structural Movement
* 2016: Time-Series and Frequency-Spectrum Correlation Analysis of Bridge Performance Based on a Real-Time Strain Monitoring System
* 2017: Recent Advances of Structures Monitoring and Evaluation Using GPS-Time Series Monitoring Systems: A Review
* 2020: Approach Based on Landsat Images for Shoreline Monitoring to Support Integrated Coastal Management: A Case Study, Ezbet Elborg, Nile Delta, Egypt, An

Elber, G. * 1988: Octree Creation via C.S.G. Definition
* 1996: Planar Curve Offset Based on Circle Approximation
* 1997: Inferring 3D Models from Freehand Sketches and Constraints
* 1998: Polynomial/Rational Approximation of Minkowski Sum Boundary Curves
* 2001: Convex Hull of Rational Plane Curves, The
* 2001: Curve Evaluation and Interrogation on Surfaces
* 2005: Virtual marionettes: a system and paradigm for real-time 3D animation
* 2006: Density-Controlled Sampling of Parametric Surfaces Using Adaptive Space-Filling Curves
* 2006: Global Segmentation and Curvature Analysis of Volumetric Data Sets Using Trivariate B-Spline Functions
* 2006: Piecewise Developable Surface Approximation of General NURBS Surfaces, with Global Error Bounds
* 2006: Simultaneous Precise Solutions to the Visibility Problem of Sculptured Models
* 2006: Subdivision Termination Criteria in Subdivision Multivariate Solvers
* 2008: Hausdorff and Minimal Distances between Parametric Freeforms in R2 and R3
* 2008: Multi-resolution Analysis
* 2008: Shape Interrogation
* 2008: Skeletal Structures
* 2010: Precise Hausdorff distance computation for planar freeform curves using biarcs and depth buffer
* 2011: Volume-preserving FFD for programmable graphics hardware
* 2012: Continuous point projection to planar freeform curves using spiral curves
* 2015: Comparison of three bounding regions with cubic convergence to planar freeform curves
* 2018: Minkowski sum computation for planar freeform geometric models using G1-biarc approximation and interior disk culling
Includes: Elber, G. Elber, G.[Gershon]
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Elberink, S.O.[Sander Oude] * 2002: Assessing Height Precision of Laser Altimetry DEMs
* 2011: Detection of Collapsed Buildings by Classifying Segmented Airborne Laser Scanner Data
* 2011: Quality analysis on 3D building models reconstructed from airborne laser scanning data
* 2014: graph edit dictionary for correcting errors in roof topology graphs reconstructed from point clouds, A
* 2014: Multiple-entity based classification of airborne laser scanning data in urban areas
* 2015: Automatic Extraction of Railroad Centerlines from Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* 2015: Detection and Classification of Changes in Buildings from Airborne Laser Scanning Data
* 2015: Flexible building primitives for 3D building modeling
* 2016: Deriving 3d Point Clouds From Terrestrial Photographs: Comparison Of Different Sensors And Software
* 2018: Ground and Multi-Class Classification of Airborne Laser Scanner Point Clouds Using Fully Convolutional Networks
* 2018: Pole-Like Road Furniture Detection and Decomposition in Mobile Laser Scanning Data Based on Spatial Relations
* 2018: Semantic Interpretation of Mobile Laser Scanner Point Clouds in Indoor Scenes Using Trajectories
* 2018: Space Subdivision of Indoor Mobile Laser Scanning Data Based on the Scanner Trajectory
* 2019: Automatic extraction of accurate 3D tie points for trajectory adjustment of mobile laser scanners using aerial imagery
* 2019: Semantic segmentation of road furniture in mobile laser scanning data
* 2019: Towards 3D Indoor Cadastre Based on Change Detection from Point Clouds
* 2020: Evaluating the Quality of Photogrammetric Point-clouds In Challenging Geo-environments - A Case Study In An Alpine Valley
* 2020: Training In Innovative Technologies for Close-range Sensing In Alpine Terrain - 3rd Edition
* 2020: Using Training Samples Retrieved from a Topographic Map and Unsupervised Segmentation for the Classification of Airborne Laser Scanning Data
Includes: Elberink, S.O.[Sander Oude] Elberink, S.O.[S. Oude]
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Elberling, B.[Bo] * 2018: phenology-based approach to the classification of Arctic tundra ecosystems in Greenland, A

Elbes, D.[Delphine] * 2013: Adaptive rejection of outliers for robust motion compensation in cardiac MR-thermometry

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