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Ene Iordache, B. * 2003: Computational geometry for patient-specific reconstruction and meshing of blood vessels from MR and CT angiography
Includes: Ene Iordache, B. Ene-Iordache, B.

Ene, D. * 2015: Fast documentation and accurate real-time investigation for historical Buddhist building
* 2019: Orange Snow: A Saharan Dust Intrusion over Romania During Winter Conditions
Includes: Ene, D. Ene, D.[Dragos]

Ene, L. * 2007: Simulating Sampling Efficiency in Airborne Laser Scanning Based Forest Inventory
* 2015: Relative Efficiency of ALS and InSAR for Biomass Estimation in a Tanzanian Rainforest
Includes: Ene, L. Ene, L.[Liviu]

Ene, L.T.[Liviu Theodor] * 2015: Semi-supervised SVM for individual tree crown species classification
* 2018: Predicting Selected Forest Stand Characteristics with Multispectral ALS Data

Ene, M.[Madalina] * 2013: Class-based MDP for improved multimedia transmission over LTE

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