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Eslahi, N.[Nasser] * 2016: Compressive Sensing Image Restoration Using Adaptive Curvelet Thresholding and Nonlocal Sparse Regularization
* 2018: Anisotropic Spatiotemporal Regularization in Compressive Video Recovery by Adaptively Modeling the Residual Errors as Correlated Noise
Includes: Eslahi, N.[Nasser] Eslahi, N.

Eslami, A.[Abouzar] * 2012: IVUS-Histology Image Registration
* 2014: Deformable Registration of Multi-modal Microscopic Images Using a Pyramidal Interactive Registration-Learning Methodology
* 2020: Deep Attention Based Semi-supervised 2d-pose Estimation for Surgical Instruments
* 2020: Fairness by Learning Orthogonal Disentangled Representations

Eslami, E. * 2014: Scalable semi-supervised clustering by spectral kernel learning

Eslami, H.[Hamed] * 2016: Precise Vehicle Speed Measurement Based on a Hierarchical Homographic Transform Estimation for Law Enforcement Applications

Eslami, M. * 2010: Automatic traffic monitoring using neural networks from satellite images
* 2012: Gap Filling In Road Extraction Using Radon Transformation
* 2015: High quality computational ghost imaging using multi-fluorescent screen
* 2017: Object Tracking via Pixel-Wise and Block-Wise Sparse Representation
* 2019: Fuzzy Logic Based Burned Severity Classification and Mapping With Landsat-8 Data
* 2019: Novel Tie Point Based Strategy for Point Cloud and Imagery Data Fine Registration, A
* 2020: Human activity recognition using improved dynamic image
* 2020: Image-to-Images Translation for Multi-Task Organ Segmentation and Bone Suppression in Chest X-Ray Radiography
Includes: Eslami, M. Eslami, M.[Mansour] Eslami, M.[Mohammad]
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Eslami, R.[Ramin] * 2004: Wavelet-based contourlet transform and its application to image coding
* 2005: New Image Transforms Using Hybrid Wavelets and Directional Filter Banks: Analysis and Design
* 2006: Regular Hybrid Wavelets and Directional Filter Banks: Extensions and Applications
* 2006: Translation-Invariant Contourlet Transform and Its Application to Image Denoising
* 2007: New Family of Nonredundant Transforms Using Hybrid Wavelets and Directional Filter Banks, A
* 2008: Video denoising using 3-D Hybrid Wavelets and Directional filter banks
* 2010: Robust Reconstruction of MRSI Data Using a Sparse Spectral Model and High Resolution MRI Priors
Includes: Eslami, R.[Ramin] Eslami, R.
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Eslami, S.M.A.[Seyed Mohammadali Ali] * 2011: Factored Shapes and Appearances for Parts-based Object Understanding
* 2012: Shape Boltzmann Machine: A Strong Model of Object Shape, The
* 2014: Shape Boltzmann Machine: A Strong Model of Object Shape, The
* 2015: Pascal Visual Object Classes Challenge: A Retrospective, The
Includes: Eslami, S.M.A.[Seyed Mohammadali Ali] Eslami, S.M.A.[S. M. Ali]

Eslami, Z. * 2010: Secret image sharing based on cellular automata and steganography
* 2014: Secret image sharing scheme with hierarchical threshold access structure
* 2018: t,n)-multi secret image sharing scheme based on Boolean operations, A
* 2020: Blind multipurpose watermarking with insertion of a single watermark: A generic construction based on verifiable threshold secret sharing
Includes: Eslami, Z. Eslami, Z.[Ziba]

EslamiNezhad, S.A. * 2019: Integrated Network-constrained Spatial Analysis for Car Accidents: A Case Study of Tehran City, Iran, An
* 2020: Modeling of Emergency Evacuation In Building Fire

Eslava, M.T. * 2005: Iris Identification and Robustness Evaluation of a Wavelet Packets Based Algorithm

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