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Aktar, M.N. Co Author Listing * Non-Rigid 3D Multi-Modal Registration Algorithm Using Partial Volume Interpolation and the Sum of Conditional Variance, A
* Robust 3D Multi-Modal Registration of MRI Volumes Using the Sum of Conditional Variance
* Robust rigid registration of CT to MRI brain volumes using the SCV similarity measure

Aktar, R. Co Author Listing * Mosaicing of Dynamic Mesentery Video with Gradient Blending

Aktaruzzaman, M.D. Co Author Listing * Detailed Digital Surface Model (DSM) Generation and Automatic Object Detection to Facilitate Modelling of Urban Flooding
* LiDAR-data: automatic object detection for urban flooding models.

Aktas, A.F. Co Author Listing * Latest Developments Of The Isprs Student Consortium

Aktas, B.[Begum] Co Author Listing * Interacting with Cultural Heritage Through Shape Representation Techniques in 3d Modeling Environments
Includes: Aktas, B.[Begum] Aktas, B.[Begüm]

Aktas, M.A.[Mehmet Ali] Co Author Listing * distance between shape centroids is less than a quarter of the shape perimeter, The
* Family of Shape Ellipticity Measures for Galaxy Classification, A
* Measuring Shape Ellipticity
* Notes on shape based tools for treating the objects ellipticity issues
* On a 3D analogue of the first Hu moment invariant and a family of shape ellipsoidness measures
* Sensitivity/robustness Flexible Ellipticity Measures

Aktas, M.S. Co Author Listing * Provenance Capture and Use in a Satellite Data Processing Pipeline

Aktas, U.R.[Umit Rusen] Co Author Listing * Compositional Hierarchical Representation of Shape Manifolds for Classification of Non-manifold Shapes
* Graph Theoretic Approach for Object Shape Representation in Compositional Hierarchies Using a Hybrid Generative-Descriptive Model, A

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