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Alteirac, V. Co Author Listing * Registration Optimization of Mobile Handheld Scanner Point Clouds With Static Scans

Altekin, A. Co Author Listing * Trusted Data Communication And Security Issues in GNSS Network Of Turkey

Altekruger, F.[Fabian] Co Author Listing * Learning Regularization Parameter-Maps for Variational Image Reconstruction Using Deep Neural Networks and Algorithm Unrolling
* WPPNets and WPPFlows: The Power of Wasserstein Patch Priors for Superresolution

Altena, B.[Bas] Co Author Listing * Elevation Change and Improved Velocity Retrieval Using Orthorectified Optical Satellite Data from Different Orbits
* European Space agency (ESA) Landsat MSS/TM/ETM+/OLI archive: 42 years of our history
* Glacier ice loss monitored through the Planet cubesat constellation
* Glacier Remote Sensing Using Sentinel-2. Part I: Radiometric and Geometric Performance, and Application to Ice Velocity
* Monitoring Sub-weekly Evolution of Surface Velocity and Elevation for A High-latitude Surging Glacier Using Sentinel-2
* Robust glacier displacements using knowledge-based image matching
Includes: Altena, B.[Bas] Altena, B.

Altenbek, G.[Gulila] Co Author Listing * Question Classification Based on Weak Supervision and Interrogative Pronouns Attention Mechanism

Altenberger, U.[Uwe] Co Author Listing * EnGeoMAP 2.0: Automated Hyperspectral Mineral Identification for the German EnMAP Space Mission
* Hyperspectral REE (Rare Earth Element) Mapping of Outcrops: Applications for Neodymium Detection
* Integration of Hyperspectral and Magnetic Data for Geological Characterization of the Niaqornarssuit Ultramafic Complex in West-Greenland

Altenhoff, B.M. Co Author Listing * Carryover effects of calibration to visual and proprioceptive information on near field distance judgments in 3D user interaction

Alter Gartenberg, R. Co Author Listing * Compact Image Representation by Edge Primitives
* Image Gathering and Processing for High-Resolution Edge Detection
* Multiresolution Imaging: An End-to-End Assessment
* Nonlinear dynamic range transformation in visual communication channels
* Optimal small kernels for edge detection
Includes: Alter Gartenberg, R. Alter-Gartenberg, R.

Alter, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * Adapted Total Variation for Artifact Free Decompression of JPEG Images
* Intensity Similarity Measure in Low-Light Conditions, An
Includes: Alter, F.[Francois] Alter, F.[François]

Alter, S.[Seth] Co Author Listing * Finding Fallen Objects Via Asynchronous Audio-Visual Integration

Alter, T.D. Co Author Listing * email: Alter, T.D.: tda AT ai mit edu
* 3-D Pose From 3 Points Using Weak-Perspective
* 3D Pose from Three Corresponding Points Under Weak-Perspective Projection
* Error Propagation in 3D-from-2D Recognition: Scaled-Orthographic and Perspective Projections
* Error Propagation in Full 3-D and 2-D Object Recognition
* Extracting Salient Curves from Images: An Analysis of the Saliency Network
* Fast and Robust 3D Recognition by Alignment
* Recognizing 3D Objects from 2D Images: An Error Analysis
* Robust and Efficient 3D Recognition by Alignment
* role of Saliency and Error Propagation in Visual Object Recognition, The
* Uncertainty Propagation in Model-Based Recognition
* Verifying Model-Based Alignments in the Presence of Uncertainty
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Alterawi, M. Co Author Listing * Modeling Shuttle-Lane Roadwork Operated by Temporary Traffic Signals Using Microsimulation

Alterman, M.[Marina] Co Author Listing * Detecting Motion through Dynamic Refraction
* Multiplexed fluorescence unmixing
* Passive Tomography of Turbulence Strength
* STELLA MARIS: Stellar marine refractive imaging sensor
* Triangulation in Random Refractive Distortions
Includes: Alterman, M.[Marina] Alterman, M.

Alterovitz, R.[Ron] Co Author Listing * Local Occlusion Detection under Deformations Using Topological Invariants
* Motion Planning in Medicine: Optimization and Simulation Algorithms for Image-Guided Procedures
* Robust topological features for deformation invariant image matching
* Two Large Open-Access Datasets for Fitts' Law of Human Motion and a Succinct Derivation of the Square-Root Variant
Includes: Alterovitz, R.[Ron] Alterovitz, R.

Alterson, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Adaptive-Sampling Algorithm for Object Representation, An
* Object recognition with adaptive Gabor features

Altes, R.A. Co Author Listing * Signal-Processing for Target Recognition in Biosonar

Altes, T. Co Author Listing * Merging parametric active contours within homogeneous image regions for MRI-based lung segmentation
* MRI Ventilation Analysis by Merging Parametric Active Contours

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