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Asar, H. Co Author Listing * Pyramid-Based Image Segmentation Using Multisensory Data

Asare, I.[Isaac] Co Author Listing * influence of the activation function in a capsule network for brain tumor type classification, The

Asare, P. Co Author Listing * Piecewise Linear Dynamical Model for Action Clustering from Real-World Deployments of Inertial Body Sensors

Asari, K.[Keisuke] Co Author Listing * Precise Top View Image Generation without Global Metric Information

Asari, K.V.[K. Vijayan] Co Author Listing * Bidirectional multiple-valued neural network for pattern recognition and associative recall
* Hull convexity defects features for human activity recognition
* Human action recognition using hull convexity defect features with multi-modality setups
* Learning and Association of Features for Action Recognition in Streaming Video
* Study on the effect of object to camera distance on polynomial expansion coefficients in barrel distortion correction
* Tracking in Wide Area Motion Imagery Using Phase Vector Fields
Includes: Asari, K.V.[K. Vijayan] Asari, K.V.

Asari, M.A. Co Author Listing * 3D shape descriptor for object recognition based on Kinect-like depth image

Asari, V.[Vijayan] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* Attention Mechanism Exploits Temporal Contexts: Real-Time 3D Human Pose Reconstruction
* Automatic segmentation of carcinoma in radiographs
* Event Probability Mask (EPM) and Event Denoising Convolutional Neural Network (EDnCNN) for Neuromorphic Cameras
* Human re-identification in multi-camera systems
* Inceptive Event Time-Surfaces for Object Classification Using Neuromorphic Cameras
* multi-view approach on modular PCA for illumination and pose invariant face recognition, A
* No-Reference Video Quality Assessment Based on Artifact Measurement and Statistical Analysis
* no-reference video quality assessment based on Laplacian pyramids, A
* Registration of region of interest for object tracking applications in wide area motion imagery
* second order polynomial based subspace projection method for dimensionality reduction, A
* Time-Ordered Recent Event (TORE) Volumes for Event Cameras
Includes: Asari, V.[Vijayan] Asari, V.
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Asari, V.K.[Vijayan K.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive and Non Linear Technique for Enhancement of Extremely High Contrast Images, An
* Adaptive and Nonlinear Techniques for Visibility Improvement of Hazy Images
* Adaptive confidence level assignment to segmented human face regions for improved face recognition
* adaptive parameterization method for SIFT based video stabilization, An
* Adaptive Thresholding Based Cell Segmentation for Cell-Destruction Activity Verification
* Adaptive Weight Assignment Scheme in Linear Subspace Approaches for Face Recognition, An
* Associative memory based on ratio learning for real time skin color detection
* Binary Decision Tree Based Real-Time Emotion Detection System, A
* Body Joint Tracking in Low Resolution Video Using Region-Based Filtering
* DALES: A Large-scale Aerial LiDAR Data Set for Semantic Segmentation
* Dense 3D point-cloud model using optical flow for a monocular reconstruction system
* Diagram Image Retrieval and Analysis: Challenges and Opportunities
* Directional ringlet intensity feature transform for tracking
* Electroencephelograph based brain machine interface for controlling a robotic arm
* Enhanced 3D Human Pose Estimation from Videos by Using Attention-Based Neural Network with Dilated Convolutions
* Enhancement of Hazy Color Images Using a Self-Tunable Transformation Function
* Face Alignment and Adaptive Weight Assignment for Robust Face Recognition
* Face detection technique based on intesity and skin color distribution
* Facial Recognition Using Multisensor Images Based on Localized Kernel Eigen Spaces
* fast single-image super-resolution via directional edge-guided regularized extreme learning regression, A
* Fast Video Stabilization System Based on Speeded-up Robust Features, A
* Gabor Wavelet Based Modular PCA Approach for Expression and Illumination Invariant Face Recognition
* Gaussian ringlet intensity distribution (GRID) features for rotation-invariant object detection in wide area motion imagery
* Head pose estimation from images using Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Illuminance-Reflectance Model for Nonlinear Enhancement of Color Images, An
* illuminance-reflectance nonlinear video enhancement model for homeland security applications, An
* Illumination invariant faces
* Image enhancement for improving face detection under non-uniform lighting conditions
* improved face recognition technique based on modular PCA approach, An
* improved SNoW based classification technique for head-pose estimation and face detection, An
* Learning skin distribution using a sparse map
* Learning using distance based training algorithm for pattern recognition
* Local Alignment of Gradient Features for Face Sketch Recognition
* manifold based methodology for color constancy, A
* Modified luminance based MSR for fast and efficient image enhancement
* Multi-lane architecture for eigenface based real-time face recognition
* Multiclass Object Detection With Single Query in Hyperspectral Imagery Using Class-Associative Spectral Fringe-Adjusted Joint Transform Correlation
* multisensor image fusion and enhancement system for assisting drivers in poor lighting conditions, A
* Neighborhood Dependent Approximation by Nonlinear Embedding for Face Recognition
* Neighborhood Dependent Nonlinear Technique for Color Image Enhancement, A
* Neural Network Based Methodology for Automatic Detection of Whale Blows in Infrared Video
* Neural network based skin color model for face detection
* new approach for nonlinear distortion correction in endoscopic images based on least squares estimation, A
* New Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction Technique for Pose and Lighting Invariant Face Recognition, A
* Nonlinear Enhancement of Extremely High Contrast Images for Visibility Improvement
* nonlinear technique for enhancement of color images: An architectural perspective for real-time applications, A
* Phase Congruency Based Technique for the Removal of Rain from Video
* Phase Space for Face Pose Estimation
* Pipelined Architecture for Real-Time Correction of Barrel Distortion in Wide-Angle Camera Images, A
* Pose Angle Determination by Face, Eyes and Nose Localization
* Progressively Expanded Neural Network (PEN Net) for hyperspectral image classification: A new neural network paradigm for remote sensing image analysis
* Real time face detection from color video stream based on PCA method
* Regional Variance Dependant Sub-frame Reduction for Face Detection in High Definition Video Frames
* Robust Image Enhancement Technique for Improving Image Visual Quality in Shadowed Scenes, A
* Robust Method for Multiple Face Tracking Using Kalman Filter, A
* self-organizing lattice Boltzmann active contour (SOLBAC) approach for fast and robust object region segmentation, A
* Single image super-resolution in frequency domain
* Two-Layer Framework for Piecewise Linear Manifold-Based Head Pose Estimation, A
* Undecimated Wavelet Transform-Based Image Interpolation
* Utilizing Local Phase Information to Remove Rain from Video
* Video Super-Resolution by Adaptive Kernel Regression
* View-Agnostic Point Cloud Generation for Occlusion Reduction in Aerial Lidar
* Visibility improvement of aerial imagery by a locally tuned nonlinear enhancement technique
* Visibility Improvement System for Low Vision Drivers by Nonlinear Enhancement of Fused Visible and Infrared Video, A
* Vision-based navigation system for obstacle avoidance in complex environments
* Volumetric features for object region classification in 3D LiDAR point clouds
* Whale blow detection in infrared video using fractal analysis as tool for representing dynamic shape variation
* Wide Area Surveillance: Real-time Motion Detection Systems
Includes: Asari, V.K.[Vijayan K.] Asari, V.K.
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Asarnow, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Parasites for High-content Screening Using Phase Congruency and Grayscale Morphology

Asarnow, D.E. Co Author Listing * Segmenting the Etiological Agent of Schistosomiasis for High-Content Screening

Asaro, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning for SAR Image Despeckling

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