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Atta, A.[Asad] Co Author Listing * Quantitative Remote Sensing of Metallic Elements for the Qishitan Gold Polymetallic Mining Area, NW China

Atta, M.A.[Muhammad Asim] Co Author Listing * Multidomain Suppression of Ambient Light in Visible Light Communication Transceivers

Atta, R.[Randa] Co Author Listing * DCapsNet: Deep capsule network for human activity and gait recognition with smartphone sensors
* Feature extraction based on the embedded zero-tree DCT for face recognition
* high payload steganography mechanism based on wavelet packet transformation and neutrosophic set, A
* Human identification based on temporal lifting using 5/3 wavelet filters and radon transform
* Low-Complexity Joint Temporal-Quality Scalability Rate Control for H.264/SVC
* Low-contrast satellite images enhancement using discrete cosine transform pyramid and singular value decomposition
* low-light image enhancement method based on bright channel prior and maximum colour channel, A
* Motion-compensated DCT temporal filters for efficient spatio-temporal scalable video coding
* Optimal bit allocation for subband video coding
* Spatio-temporal scalability based on motion-compensated DCT temporal filters
* Spatio-Temporal Scalability-Based Motion-Compensated 3-D Subband/DCT Video Coding
Includes: Atta, R.[Randa] Atta, R.
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Attabi, Y. Co Author Listing * Anchor Models for Emotion Recognition from Speech
* Feature Learning from Spectrograms for Assessment of Personality Traits

Attachoo, B.[Boonwat] Co Author Listing * Invariant Range Image Multi-Pose Face Recognition Using Gradient Face, Membership Matching Score and 3-Layer Matching Search
* Model of Handwriting Process and Its Analysis
Includes: Attachoo, B.[Boonwat] Attachoo, B.

Attaf, D. Co Author Listing * Mapping of Burned Area Using Presence and Background Learning Framework On The Google Earth Engine Platform

Attaiki, S.[Souhaib] Co Author Listing * DPFM: Deep Partial Functional Maps
* Generalizable Local Feature Pre-training for Deformable Shape Analysis
* Understanding and Improving Features Learned in Deep Functional Maps

Attakitmongcol, K. Co Author Listing * Detection of Defect in Textile Fabrics Using Optimal Gabor Wavelet Network and Two-Dimensional PCA
* Multiwavelet prefilters-part II: optimal orthogonal prefilters

Attal, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * HyperReel: High-Fidelity 6-DoF Video with Ray-Conditioned Sampling
* Learning Neural Light Fields with Ray-Space Embedding
* Matryodshka: Real-time 6dof Video View Synthesis Using Multi-sphere Images
* Neural Fields for Structured Lighting

Attal, F. Co Author Listing * Powered Two-Wheeler Riding Pattern Recognition Using a Machine-Learning Framework
* Powered Two-Wheelers Critical Events Detection and Recognition Using Data-Driven Approaches

Attalah, M.A.[Mohamed Amine] Co Author Listing * Range-Doppler Fast Block LMS algorithm for a DVB-T-based Passive Bistatic Radar

Attali, D. Co Author Listing * Computing and Simplifying 2D and 3D Continuous Skeletons
* Constructing iso-surfaces satisfying the Delaunay constraint. Application to the skeleton computation
* Modeling noise for a better simplification of skeletons
* new method for analyzing local shape in three-dimensional images based on medial axis transformation, A
* Pruning discrete and semicontinuous skeletons
* Shape Description of Three-dimensional Images Based on Medial Axis
* Skeletal Structures
* Topological quadrangulations of closed triangulated surfaces using the Reeb graph
* Using Polyballs to Approximate Shapes and Skeletons
Includes: Attali, D. Attali, D.[Dominique]
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Attali, S. Co Author Listing * Automated Inspection of Textile Fabrics Using Textural Models

Attalla, E.[Emad] Co Author Listing * Robust shape similarity retrieval based on contour segmentation polygonal multiresolution and elastic matching

Attallah, O.[Omneya] Co Author Listing * Acute lymphocytic leukemia detection and subtype classification via extended wavelet pooling based-CNNs and statistical-texture features

Attamimi, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical multilevel object recognition using Markov model

Attanasi, A. Co Author Listing * GReTA-A Novel Global and Recursive Tracking Algorithm in Three Dimensions
* Methodology for O-D matrix estimation using the revealed paths of floating car data on large-scale networks
* Short-Term Forecasting of Urban Traffic Using Spatio-Temporal Markov Field
Includes: Attanasi, A. Attanasi, A.[Alessandro]

Attanayake, A.[Anjika] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Flowering Index for Canola Yield Modelling

Attar, V.[Vahida] Co Author Listing * Deep learning model based on cascaded autoencoders and one-class learning for detection and localization of anomalies from surveillance videos
* Deep learning-based intelligent surveillance model for detection of anomalous activities from videos

Attarchi, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * Classifying Complex Mountainous Forests with L-Band SAR and Landsat Data Integration: A Comparison among Different Machine Learning Methods in the Hyrcanian Forest
* Improving the Estimation of Above Ground Biomass Using Dual Polarimetric PALSAR and ETM+ Data in the Hyrcanian Mountain Forest (Iran)
* Integration of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data for Ground Truth Sample Migration for Multi-Temporal Land Cover Mapping
* New Segmentation Approach for Ear Recognition, A
* Urban Impervious Surface Detection With Landsat and Full Polarimetric Alos/palsar Images
Includes: Attarchi, S.[Sara] Attarchi, S.[Sepehr] Attarchi, S.

Attard, L.[Leanne] Co Author Listing * Tunnel inspection using photogrammetric techniques and image processing: A review

Attard, M.R.G.[Marie R. G.] Co Author Listing * Review of Satellite Remote Sensing and Unoccupied Aircraft Systems for Counting Wildlife on Land

Attard, N. Co Author Listing * Implementation of fast free-viewpoint video rendering on graphics processing units

Attardo, S.[Salvatore] Co Author Listing * Firearms identification through partonomy
* Weapon ontology annotation using boundary describing sequences

Attari, M. Co Author Listing * Online Multiple Maneuvering Vehicle Tracking System Based on Multi-Model Smooth Variable Structure Filter
* SVSF-Based Generalized Robust Strategy for Target Tracking in Clutter, An

Attari, M.A. Co Author Listing * Low Complexity NSAF Algorithm, A

Attari, M.Y.N.[Mahdi Yousefi Nejad] Co Author Listing * Application of Data Mining Techniques for the Investigation of Factors Affecting Transportation Enterprises

Attarod, P. Co Author Listing * How Will Climate Change Impact The Storm Magnitude and Throufall In Several Forest Areas in Iran?

Attarzadeh, R. Co Author Listing * Investigating The Possibility of Preparing Small Scale Soil Moisture Map From Coupled Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data
* Object-based Building Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Imagery
* Synergetic Use of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data for Soil Moisture Mapping at Plot Scale
Includes: Attarzadeh, R. Attarzadeh, R.[Reza]

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