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Badia Contelles, J.M.[Jose Manuel] Co Author Listing * Fast k-NN Classifier for Documents Based on a Graph Structure
* General Framework for Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering Algorithms, A
* High-Dimensional Access Method for Approximated Similarity Search in Text Mining, A
Includes: Badia Contelles, J.M.[Jose Manuel] Badía-Contelles, J.M.[José Manuel] Badía-Contelles, J.M.[Jose M.] Badia-Contelles, J.M.

Badia, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Narrowband and Wideband Channel Sounding of an Antarctica to Spain Ionospheric Radio Link
* Physical Layer Definition for a Long-Haul HF Antarctica to Spain Radio Link
* Remote Geophysical Observatory in Antarctica with HF Data Transmission: A Review

Badia, R.M.[Rosa M.] Co Author Listing * Parallel Implementation of the Integral Histogram

Badias Herbera, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * RGB-D Computer Vision Techniques for Simulated Prosthetic Vision
Includes: Badias Herbera, A.[Alberto] Badias-Herbera, A.[Alberto]

Badias, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * MORPH-DSLAM: Model Order Reduction for Physics-Based Deformable SLAM
* Physics Perception in Sloshing Scenes With Guaranteed Thermodynamic Consistency
Includes: Badias, A.[Alberto] Badías, A.[Alberto]

Badic, B. Co Author Listing * Semi-Overcomplete Convolutional Auto-Encoder Embedding as Shape Priors for Deep Vessel Segmentation

Badiche, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * Learning maximum excluding ellipsoids from imbalanced data with theoretical guarantees

Badidi, E.[Elarbi] Co Author Listing * Smart Urban Mobility: When Mobility Systems Meet Smart Data

Badie, J.[Julien] Co Author Listing * Global tracker: An online evaluation framework to improve tracking quality
* Multi-target tracking by discriminative analysis on Riemannian manifold
* Online tracking parameter adaptation based on evaluation
* Recovering People Tracking Errors Using Enhanced Covariance-Based Signatures
Includes: Badie, J.[Julien] Badie, J.

Badie, K. Co Author Listing * Improved delay-dependent stability criteria for 2-D discrete state delayed systems

Badiee, F.[Farshad] Co Author Listing * Moving Towards a Single Smart Cadastral Platform in Victoria, Australia

Badiella, L.[Llorenc] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Impact of Inter-query Variability on the Performance of Retrieval Systems
* Normalized Framework for the Design of Feature Spaces Assessing the Left Ventricular Function, A
Includes: Badiella, L.[Llorenc] Badiella, L.[Llorenç] Badiella, L.

Badiezadeh, A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Energy Model for Human Gait Recognition, An

Badii, A. Co Author Listing * ATD: A Multiplatform for Semiautomatic 3-D Detection of Kidneys and Their Pathology in Real Time
* Change detection based on graph cuts
* Collaterally Cued Labelling Framework Underpinning Semantic-Level Visual Content Descriptor
* Robust background model for pixel based people counting using a single uncalibrated camera
* Scene Understanding for Auto-Calibration of Surveillance Cameras
* Semantic-associative visual content labelling and retrieval: A multimodal approach
* Semi-automatic knowledge extraction, representation and context-sensitive intelligent retrieval of video content using collateral context modelling with scalable ontological networks
* Skin-based privacy filter for surveillance systems
Includes: Badii, A. Badii, A.[Atta]
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Badii, F. Co Author Listing * Approximation of Multipath Planar Shapes in Pattern Analysis
* Region Growing and Global Labeling in Image Analysis

Badillo Urquiola, K.A.[Karla A.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Kim's Game Strategy for Behavior Cue Detection: Engagement, Flow, & Performance Aspects
* Preliminary Review of a Virtual World Usability Questionnaire
Includes: Badillo Urquiola, K.A.[Karla A.] Badillo-Urquiola, K.A.[Karla A.]

Badin, C. Co Author Listing * Multidisciplinary Approach to the Coastal Protection of Two Archaeological Sites in Lybia, A

Badin, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Audiovisual Talking Head for Augmented Speech Generation: Models and Animations Based on a Real Speaker's Articulatory Data, An
* pilot study on augmented speech communication based on Electro-Magnetic Articulography, A

Bading, J.R. Co Author Listing * Accurate Estimation of the Fisher Information Matrix for the PET Image Reconstruction Problem

Badino, H.[Hernan] Co Author Listing * 6D-Vision: Fusion of Stereo and Motion for Robust Environment Perception
* Accurate and Model-Free Pose Estimation of Small Objects for Crash Video Analysis
* B-Spline Modeling of Road Surfaces With an Application to Free-Space Estimation
* Improving Stereo Sub-Pixel Accuracy for Long Range Stereo
* Improving sub-pixel accuracy for long range stereo
* Integrating Disparity Images by Incorporating Disparity Rate
* Integrating LIDAR into Stereo for Fast and Improved Disparity Computation
* Latent Gaussian Mixture Regression for Human Pose Estimation
* Robust Egocentric Photo-realistic Facial Expression Transfer for Virtual Reality
* SelfPose: 3D Egocentric Pose Estimation From a Headset Mounted Camera
* Stereo-based Free Space Computation in Complex Traffic Scenarios
* Stixel World: A Compact Medium Level Representation of the 3D-World, The
* Towards Optimal Stereo Analysis of Image Sequences
* Visual Odometry by Multi-frame Feature Integration
* xR-EgoPose: Egocentric 3D Human Pose From an HMD Camera
Includes: Badino, H.[Hernan] Badino, H.[Hernán] Badino, H.
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Badino, L. Co Author Listing * Energy and Computation Efficient Audio-Visual Voice Activity Detection Driven by Event-Cameras

Badique, E. Co Author Listing * Automatic Face Location to Enhance Videophone Picture
* New imaging frontiers: 3D and mixed reality
* Special issue on European projects on visual representation systems and services
Includes: Badique, E. Badiqué, E.[Eric]

Badirli, S.[Sarkhan] Co Author Listing * Unified Energy-based Generative Network for Supervised Image Hashing

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