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Beacco, A.[Alejandro] Co Author Listing * 3D Objects Reconstruction Using Frontal Images. An Example With Guitars
* Automatic 3D Character Reconstruction from Frontal and Lateral Monocular 2D RGB Views
Includes: Beacco, A.[Alejandro] Beacco, A.

Beach, A.[Allison] Co Author Listing * Multi-Head Deep Metric Learning Using Global and Local Representations
* Real-time Person Tracking and Association on Doorbell Cameras

Beach, C.[Cheryl] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Irregularities in Human Actions with Volumetric Motion History Images

Beach, E. Co Author Listing * Evaluation and Improvement of the Near-Real-Time Linear Fit SO2 Retrievals From Suomi NPP Ozone Mapping and Profiler Suite
* Performance of OMPS Nadir Profilers' Sensor Data Records
* Suomi-NPP OMPS Nadir Mapper's Operational SDR Performance
Includes: Beach, E. Beach, E.[Eric]

Beach, G.[Glenn] Co Author Listing * 3D camera identification for enabling robotic manipulation
* Automatic Target Classifier using Model Based Image Processing, An
* NaviGaze: enabling access to digital media for the profoundly disabled
* Projectile identification system
* Quantum image processing (QuIP)
* Template matching localization for GPS denied environments
Includes: Beach, G.[Glenn] Beach, G.

Beach, G.J.[Glenn J.] Co Author Listing * Gesture-controlled interfaces for self-service machines and other applications
* Real-time head tracking system for computer games and other applications

Beach, J. Co Author Listing * Spectral reflectance technique for retinal blood oxygen evaluation in humans

Beach, M.[Marianne] Co Author Listing * Using the Universal Atrial Coordinate System for MRI and Electroanatomic Data Registration in Patient-Specific Left Atrial Model Construction and Simulation

Beach, R. Co Author Listing * Machine reading of handwritten text information in field technician's maps
* Utilizing Geospatial Data for Assessing Energy Security: Mapping Small Solar Home Systems Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Deep Learning
Includes: Beach, R. Beach, R.[Robert]

Beach, R.D. Co Author Listing * Use of Three-Dimensional Gaussian Interpolation in the Projector/Backprojector Pair of Iterative Reconstruction for Compensation of Known Rigid-Body Motion in SPECT

Beach, R.H.[Robert H.] Co Author Listing * Remote Crop Mapping at Scale: Using Satellite Imagery and UAV-Acquired Data as Ground Truth

Beach, R.J. Co Author Listing * SAR-Based Vibration Estimation Using the Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform

Beach, S. Co Author Listing * Personal Mobility and Manipulation Appliance: Design, Development, and Initial Testing

Beach, S.R. Co Author Listing * Designing and Evaluating Quality of Life Technologies: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Beach, T.[Tim] Co Author Listing * Archaeologic Machine Learning for Shipwreck Detection Using Lidar and Sonar
* Tropical Forest and Wetland Losses and the Role of Protected Areas in Northwestern Belize, Revealed from Landsat and Machine Learning
Includes: Beach, T.[Tim] Beach, T.[Timothy]

Beacham, R.C. Co Author Listing * Virtual Presence and the Mind's Eye in 3-D Online Communities

Beache, G.[Garth] Co Author Listing * Accurate modeling of tagged CMR 3D image appearance characteristics to improve cardiac cycle strain estimation
* Deformable model guided by stochastic speed with application in cine images segmentation
* Early Assessment of Renal Transplants Using BOLD-MRI: Promising Results
* Kidney segmentation using graph cuts and pixel connectivity
* Role of Integrating Diffusion MR Image-Markers with Clinical-Biomarkers For Early Assessment of Renal Transplants
Includes: Beache, G.[Garth] Beache, G.

Beache, G.M. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI-Based Early Detection of Acute Renal Transplant Rejection
* new framework for automated segmentation of left ventricle wall from contrast enhanced cardiac magnetic resonance images, A
* new nonrigid registration approach for motion correction of cardiac first-pass perfusion MRI, A
* novel 4D PDE-based approach for accurate assessment of myocardium function using cine cardiac magnetic resonance images, A
* novel approach for accurate estimation of left ventricle global indexes from short-axis cine MRI, A
* novel CAD system for analyzing cardiac first-pass MR images, A
Includes: Beache, G.M. Beache, G.M.[Garth M.]

Beack, S. Co Author Listing * Psychoacoustic Calibration of Loss Functions for Efficient End-to-End Neural Audio Coding
* Representations of the Complex-Valued Frequency-Domain LPC for Audio Coding
* Spatial Audio Object Coding With Two-Step Coding Structure for Interactive Audio Service
Includes: Beack, S. Beack, S.[Seungkwon]

Beack, S.K.[Seung Kwon] Co Author Listing * Highly Efficient Audio Coding With Blind Spectral Recovery Based on Machine Learning

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