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Beichel, R. Co Author Listing * Automated 3-D Segmentation of Lungs With Lung Cancer in CT Data Using a Novel Robust Active Shape Model Approach
* Avoiding Mesh Folding in 3D Optimal Surface Segmentation
* Comparison and Evaluation of Methods for Liver Segmentation From CT Datasets
* Extraction of Airways From CT (EXACT'09)
* Fast 3D Mean Shift Filter for CT Images
* Graph-Based Segmentation of Lymph Nodes in CT Data
* Novel Robust Tube Detection Filter for 3D Centerline Extraction, A
* Robust Active Appearance Models and Their Application to Medical Image Analysis
* Shape- and Appearance-based Segmentation of Volumetric Medical Images
Includes: Beichel, R. Beichel, R.[Reinhard]
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Beichel, R.R. Co Author Listing * Comparative Study With New Accuracy Metrics for Target Volume Contouring in PET Image Guided Radiation Therapy
* Graph-Based Airway Tree Reconstruction From Chest CT Scans: Evaluation of Different Features on Five Cohorts
* Graph-Based IVUS Segmentation With Efficient Computer-Aided Refinement
* Segmentation of Lungs with Interstitial Lung Disease in CT Scans: A TV-L 1 Based Texture Analysis Approach
Includes: Beichel, R.R. Beichel, R.R.[Reinhard R.]

Beichl, I. Co Author Listing * Simple Algorithm for Efficient Piecewise Linear Approximation of Space Curves, A

Beichter, M.[Maximilian] Co Author Listing * Towards Automatic Parsing of Structured Visual Content through the Use of Synthetic Data

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