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Berbar, M.A.[Mohamed Abdou] Co Author Listing * Three robust features extraction approaches for facial gender classification

Berben, L. Co Author Listing * Continuous Voxel Classification by Stochastic Relaxation - Theory and Application to MR-Imaging and MR-Angiography

Berber, T.[Tolga] Co Author Listing * Automatic classification of skin burn colour images using texture-based feature extraction

Berberich, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Visualizing Arcs of Implicit Algebraic Curves, Exactly and Fast

Berberidis, K.[Kostas] Co Author Listing * Connections Between Deep Equilibrium and Sparse Representation Models With Application to Hyperspectral Image Denoising
* Efficient Coupled Dictionary Learning And Sparse Coding For Noisy Piecewise-Smooth Signals: Application To Hyperspectral Imaging
* efficient spatial domain technique for subpixel image registration, An
* Graph Laplacian Diffusion Localization of Connected and Automated Vehicles
Includes: Berberidis, K.[Kostas] Berberidis, K.

Berberoglu, S. Co Author Listing * Comparing Process-Based Net Primary Productivity Models in a Mediterranean Watershed
* Evaluation Of Rainfall-runoff Models For Mediterranean Subcatchments
* Spatiotemporal Land use/cover Change of Adana City, The
* Use of Spectral and Textural Features in Crop Type Mapping Using Sentinel-2a Images: a Case Study, Çukurova Region, Turkey, The

Berbia, H.[Hassan] Co Author Listing * Lip reading with Hahn Convolutional Neural Networks

Berbineau, M. Co Author Listing * GNSS Position Integrity in Urban Environments: A Review of Literature
* New Analytical Approach to Evaluate the Critical-Event Probability Due to Wireless Communication Errors in Train Control Systems, A
* People silhouette extraction from people detection bounding boxes in images
* Survey of GNSS-Based Research and Developments for the European Railway Signaling, A
Includes: Berbineau, M. Berbineau, M.[Marion]

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