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Bilgazyev, E.[Emil] Co Author Listing * Comparative evaluation of wavelet-based super-resolution from video for face recognition at a distance
* Fine-grained categorization of fish motion patterns in underwater videos
* Profile-based 3D-aided face recognition
* Sparse Representation-Based Super Resolution for Face Recognition At a Distance

Bilge, H.S.[Hasan S.] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Decomposition and Region Selection Against Expression Variations
* Class-aware single image to 3D object translational autoencoder
* Class-wise two-dimensional PCA method for face recognition
* Content based image retrieval with sparse representations and local feature descriptors: A comparative study
* Fast image similarity search by distributed locality sensitive hashing
* use of Lorentzian distance metric in classification problems, The
Includes: Bilge, H.S.[Hasan S.] Bilge, H.S.[Hasan Sakir]

Bilge, M.T.[M. Taha] Co Author Listing * Comparative evaluation of 3D vs. 2D modality for automatic detection of facial action units
* Facial action unit detection: 3D versus 2D modality
* Regression-based intensity estimation of facial action units

Bilge, Y.C.[Yunus Can] Co Author Listing * Cross-lingual few-shot sign language recognition
* Red Carpet to Fight Club: Partially-supervised Domain Transfer for Face Recognition in Violent Videos
* Towards Zero-Shot Sign Language Recognition

Bilgehan, B.[Bulent] Co Author Listing * Multi-wavelets from B-spline super-functions with approximation order
* powerful probabilistic model for noise analysis in medical images, A
Includes: Bilgehan, B.[Bulent] Bilgehan, B.[Bülent]

Bilgel, M.[Murat] Co Author Listing * Deformation Field Correction for Spatial Normalization of PET Images Using a Population-Derived Partial Least Squares Model

Bilgeri, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Spatial Uncertainty Model of a Three-View RGB-D Camera System

Bilgi, S.[Serdar] Co Author Listing * Citizens' Spatial Footprint on Twitter: Anomaly, Trend and Bias Investigation in Istanbul
* Evaluation of the Space Syntax Measures Affecting Pedestrian Density through Ordinal Logistic Regression Analysis

Bilgic, B. Co Author Listing * Fast Dictionary-Based Reconstruction for Diffusion Spectrum Imaging

Bilgic, M.[Mustafa] Co Author Listing * Active inference for retrieval in camera networks
* Dynamic Processing Allocation in Video
* IDGI: A Framework to Eliminate Explanation Noise from Integrated Gradients

Bilgilioglu, B.B.[Burhan Baha] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Salt Lake Volume Dynamics Using Sentinel-1 Based SBAS Measurements: A Case Study of Lake Tuz, Turkey

Bilgin, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Compressed sensing using a Gaussian Scale Mixtures model in wavelet domain
* Compression of fMRI and Ultrasound Images Using 4D SPIHT
* Compression of Multidimensional Images Using JPEG2000
* Dynamic compressive magnetic resonance imaging using a Gaussian scale mixtures model
* Efficient transmission of compressed data for remote volume visualization
* Error Concealment for Motion JPEG2000
* Error Resilient Decoding of JPEG2000
* FAST Rate Allocation Through Steepest Descent for JPEG2000 Video Transmission
* Hill climbing algorithm for the transmission of layered jpeg2000 video under multiple rate constraints
* Image compression based on task-specific information
* Improved Resolution Scalability for Bilevel Image Data in JPEG2000
* Joint Source-Channel Rate Allocation in Parallel Channels
* Joint source/channel coding for image transmission with JPEG2000 over memoryless channels
* LDPC-Based Iterative Joint Source-Channel Decoding for JPEG2000
* Lossless image compression using causal block matching and 3D collaborative filtering
* Lossy and lossless image compression using reversible integer wavelet transforms
* Methodology for Visually Lossless JPEG2000 Compression of Monochrome Stereo Images, A
* Multi-resolution visually lossless image coding using JPEG2000
* overview of quantization in JPEG 2000, An
* Progressive Image Coding Using Trellis Coded Quantization
* Progressive Transmission in Trellis Coded Quantization-Based Image Coders
* Resource-constrained rate control for Motion JPEG2000
* Scalable Image Coding Using Reversible Integer Wavelet Transforms
* Super resolution reconstruction based on block matching and three-dimensional filtering with sharpening
* Unequal Error Protection and Progressive Decoding for JPEG2000
* Unequal error protection for transmission of JPEG2000 codestreams over noisy channels
* Vector Quantizer for Image Restoration, A
* View Compensated Compression of Volume Rendered Images for Remote Visualization
* Visibility of quantization errors in reversible JPEG2000
* Visually Lossless Encoding for JPEG2000
* Visually lossless JPEG2000 at fractional resolutions
* Wavelet-Based Compressed Sensing Using a Gaussian Scale Mixture Model
Includes: Bilgin, A.[Ali] Bilgin, A.
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Bilgin, A.A.[Ayse Aysin] Co Author Listing * First Impressions Count! The Role of the Human's Emotional State on Rapport Established with an Empathic versus Neutral Virtual Therapist

Bilgin, B.E. Co Author Listing * Collecting smart meter data via public transportation buses

Bilgin, G. Co Author Listing * Classification of histopathological images using convolutional neural network
* Leveraging Maturity Assessment to Choose the Right Applications For Smart Cities: Turkey's Approach
* Making Cities Interoperable in Turkey
* Segmentation of Hyperspectral Images via Subtractive Clustering and Cluster Validation Using One-Class Support Vector Machines

Bilgutay, I.M.[Ilhan M.] Co Author Listing * Optical Character Reading System and Bar Code Font Therefor

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