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Bris, A.L.[Anthony Le] Co Author Listing * Seaweed Habitats on the Shore: Characterization through Hyperspectral UAV Imagery and Field Sampling

Brisaboa, N.[Nieves] Co Author Listing * largest empty rectangle containing only a query object in Spatial Databases, The

Brisbane, G. Co Author Listing * High-capacity steganography using a shared colour palette

Brisbin, M.[Matt] Co Author Listing * Natural Interface for Sign Language Mathematics, A

Brisc, F. Co Author Listing * Multi-resolution volumetric reconstruction using labeled regions

Brisco, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * Application of Google Earth Engine Cloud Computing Platform, Sentinel Imagery, and Neural Networks for Crop Mapping in Canada
* Applying Machine Learning and Time-Series Analysis on Sentinel-1A SAR/InSAR for Characterizing Arctic Tundra Hydro-Ecological Conditions
* Automated SAR Image Thresholds for Water Mask Production in Alberta's Boreal Region
* Automatic Relative Radiometric Normalization of Bi-Temporal Satellite Images Using a Coarse-to-Fine Pseudo-Invariant Features Selection and Fuzzy Integral Fusion Strategies
* Canadian Wetland Inventory using Google Earth Engine: The First Map and Preliminary Results
* Collection of SAR Methodologies for Monitoring Wetlands, A
* Comparing Deep Learning and Shallow Learning for Large-Scale Wetland Classification in Alberta, Canada
* Comparing Solo Versus Ensemble Convolutional Neural Networks for Wetland Classification Using Multi-Spectral Satellite Imagery
* Creating a Detailed Wetland Inventory with Sentinel-2 Time-Series Data and Google Earth Engine in the Prairie Pothole Region of Canada
* Dual-Branch Fusion of Convolutional Neural Network and Graph Convolutional Network for PolSAR Image Classification
* Effects of Disturbance and Climate Change on Ecosystem Performance in the Yukon River Basin Boreal Forest
* Estimation of Paddy Rice Variables with a Modified Water Cloud Model and Improved Polarimetric Decomposition Using Multi-Temporal RADARSAT-2 Images
* Forty Years of Wetland Status and Trends Analyses in the Great Lakes Using Landsat Archive Imagery and Google Earth Engine
* Full and Simulated Compact Polarimetry SAR Responses to Canadian Wetlands: Separability Analysis and Classification
* Google Earth Engine for geo-big data applications: A meta-analysis and systematic review
* Hybrid Compact Polarimetric SAR for Environmental Monitoring with the RADARSAT Constellation Mission
* InSAR Coherence Analysis for Wetlands in Alberta, Canada Using Time-Series Sentinel-1 Data
* Meta-analysis of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Imagery for Agro-environmental Monitoring Using Machine Learning and Statistical Models
* Meta-Analysis of Wetland Classification Using Remote Sensing: A Systematic Review of a 40-Year Trend in North America
* Multi-Source EO for Dynamic Wetland Mapping and Monitoring in the Great Lakes Basin
* Multi-temporal, multi-frequency, and multi-polarization coherence and SAR backscatter analysis of wetlands
* Operational Surface Water Detection and Monitoring Using Radarsat 2
* PolSAR Change Detection Index Based on Neighborhood Information for Flood Mapping, A
* RADARSAT Constellation Mission Core Applications: First Results, The
* Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Tools to Support Wetland Monitoring: A Meta-Analysis of Three Decades of Research
* Remote Sensing of Boreal Wetlands 1: Data Use for Policy and Management
* Remote Sensing of Boreal Wetlands 2: Methods for Evaluating Boreal Wetland Ecosystem State and Drivers of Change
* Remote Sensing of Wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region of North America
* Response of Multi-Incidence Angle Polarimetric RADARSAT-2 Data to Herbaceous Vegetation Features in the Lower Paraná River Floodplain, Argentina
* SAR and Lidar Temporal Data Fusion Approaches to Boreal Wetland Ecosystem Monitoring
* SAR Backscatter and InSAR Coherence for Monitoring Wetland Extent, Flood Pulse and Vegetation: A Study of the Amazon Lowland
* Seasonal Change in Wetland Coherence as an Aid to Wetland Monitoring
* Seasonal Surface Subsidence and Frost Heave Detected by C-Band DInSAR in a High Arctic Environment, Cape Bounty, Melville Island, Nunavut, Canada
* Semi-Automated Surface Water Detection with Synthetic Aperture Radar Data: A Wetland Case Study
* Spectral analysis of wetlands using multi-source optical satellite imagery
* Status and Trends of Wetland Studies in Canada Using Remote Sensing Technology with a Focus on Wetland Classification: A Bibliographic Analysis
* Validation of Spaceborne Radar Surface Water Mapping with Optical sUAS Images
* Wetland Classification with Multi-Angle/Temporal SAR Using Random Forests
* Wetland Hydroperiod Analysis in Alberta Using InSAR Coherence Data
* Wetland Hydroperiod Change Along the Upper Columbia River Floodplain, Canada, 1984 to 2019
* Wetland Monitoring Using SAR Data: A Meta-Analysis and Comprehensive Review
Includes: Brisco, B.[Brian] Brisco, B.
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Briscoe, D.[Dana] Co Author Listing * Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Detecting Dolphin Echolocation Clicks

Brisebard, F. Co Author Listing * Inferring the Scale and Content of A Map Using Deep Learning

Brisebois, A.[Alexandre] Co Author Listing * Implementation and evaluation of a hypercube-based method for spatiotemporal exploration and analysis

Briseno Reyes, J.[Jaime] Co Author Listing * Evaluating a New Relative Phenological Correction and the Effect of Sentinel-Based Earth Engine Compositing Approaches to Map Fire Severity and Burned Area
Includes: Briseno Reyes, J.[Jaime] Briseño-Reyes, J.[Jaime]

Briseno, A.[Alejandra] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Depths Derived by Airborne Lidar and Satellite Imaging to Support Bathymetric Mapping Efforts with Varying Environmental Conditions: Lower Laguna Madre, Gulf of Mexico

Briseno, N.[Natalia] Co Author Listing * Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa Through Virtual Reality-based Body Exposure and Reduction of Attentional Bias
Includes: Briseno, N.[Natalia] Briseño, N.[Natalia]

Brisepierre, F. Co Author Listing * Original Approach for Extracting Circular Shapes from Technical Charts, An

Brishtel, I.[Iuliia] Co Author Listing * To Drive or to Be Driven? The Impact of Autopilot, Navigation System, and Printed Maps on Driver's Cognitive Workload and Spatial Knowledge

Brisinda, D.[Donatella] Co Author Listing * Is There Any Place for Magnetocardiographic Imaging in the Era of Robotic Ablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias?

Briskman, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Block Kaczmarz Method with Inequalities

Brislawn, C.M. Co Author Listing * Feature extraction from hyperspectral images compressed using the jpeg-2000 standard
* Subband coding for large-scale scientific simulation data using JPEG 2000
Includes: Brislawn, C.M. Brislawn, C.M.[Christopher M.]

Brismar, H. Co Author Listing * Joint Image Deconvolution and Separation Using Mixed Dictionaries

Briso Rodriguez, C. Co Author Listing * Challenges Toward Wireless Communications for High-Speed Railway
* Measurements and Analysis of Large-Scale Fading Characteristics in Curved Subway Tunnels at 920 MHz, 2400 MHz, and 5705 MHz
Includes: Briso Rodriguez, C. Briso-Rodriguez, C.

Brisset, M.[Maele] Co Author Listing * Hindcast and Near Real-Time Monitoring of Green Macroalgae Blooms in Shallow Coral Reef Lagoons Using Sentinel-2: A New-Caledonia Case Study
Includes: Brisset, M.[Maele] Brisset, M.[Maële]

Brissman, E.[Emil] Co Author Listing * Generative Appearance Model for End-To-End Video Object Segmentation, A
* Recurrent Graph Neural Networks for Video Instance Segmentation

Brisson, E. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for the Medial Axis Transform of 3D Polyhedral Solids, An

Bristor, C.L. Co Author Listing * earth location of geostationary satellite imagery, The

Bristow, A.L. Co Author Listing * Map-Aided Integrity Monitoring of a Land Vehicle Navigation System

Bristow, C.S.[Charles S.] Co Author Listing * Bounding Surfaces in a Barchan Dune: Annual Cycles of Deposition? Seasonality or Erosion by Superimposed Bedforms?
* Measuring Sand Dune Migration Rates with COSI-Corr and Landsat: Opportunities and Challenges
* Using Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) to Investigate the Exceptionally Thick Deposits from the Storegga Tsunami in Northeastern Scotland
Includes: Bristow, C.S.[Charles S.] Bristow, C.S.[Charlie S.]

Bristow, H.[Hilton] Co Author Listing * Dense Semantic Correspondence Where Every Pixel is a Classifier
* Fast Convolutional Sparse Coding
* V1-Inspired Features Induce a Weighted Margin in SVMs

Bristow, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Likelihood-free Bayesian inference framework for sizing kiwifruit from orchard imaging surveys

Bristow, M.[Mila] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Potential of High Resolution WorldView-3 Imagery for Estimating Yield of Mango

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