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Burd, R.S.[Randall S.] Co Author Listing * Privacy Preserving Dynamic Room Layout Mapping
* Video based activity recognition in trauma resuscitation

Burdanowitz, J.[Jorg] Co Author Listing * Simulation of Ship-Track versus Satellite-Sensor Differences in Oceanic Precipitation Using an Island-Based Radar
Includes: Burdanowitz, J.[Jorg] Burdanowitz, J.[Jörg]

Burdea, G. Co Author Listing * Novel Virtual Reality Tool for Teaching Dynamic 3D Anatomy, A

Burdea, G.C. Co Author Listing * Solving Jigsaw Puzzles by a Robot

Burden, A. Co Author Listing * Fast and Accurate Tracking of Highly Deformable Heart Valves with Locally Constrained Level Sets
* Rectification of Camera-Captured Document Images with Mixed Contents and Varied Layouts

Burden, C.J.[Conrad J.] Co Author Listing * Empirical distribution of k-word matches in biological sequences

Burdescu, D.D.[Dumitru Dan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Method for Efficient Detection of Salient Visual Object from Color Images, An
* Creating New Medical Ontologies for Image Annotation: A Case Study
* Evaluation of Image Segmentation Algorithms from the Perspective of Salient Region Detection
* New 3D Watermarking Algorithm, A
* New Algorithm for Segmentation of Images Represented as Hypergraph Hexagonal-Grid
* New Method for Segmentation of Images Represented in a HSV Color Space, A
* Threshold of Graph-Based Volumetric Segmentation
Includes: Burdescu, D.D.[Dumitru Dan] Burdescu, D.D.
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Burdet, E. Co Author Listing * Guest Editorial An Overview of Biomedical Robotics and Bio-Mechatronics Systems and Applications
* Indirect Shared Control for Cooperative Driving Between Driver and Automation in Steer-by-Wire Vehicles
Includes: Burdet, E. Burdet, E.[Etienne]

Burdette, E.C. Co Author Listing * Prostate Brachytherapy Seed Reconstruction With Gaussian Blurring and Optimal Coverage Cost
* REDMAPS: Reduced-Dimensionality Matching for Prostate Brachytherapy Seed Reconstruction

Burdick, B.J. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Neural-Network for Target Detection in SAR Images

Burdick, D.[Douglas] Co Author Listing * Global Table Extractor (GTE): A Framework for Joint Table Identification and Cell Structure Recognition Using Visual Context

Burdin, H.[Helene] Co Author Listing * Dealing with Topological Information Within a Fully Convolutional Neural Network
Includes: Burdin, H.[Helene] Burdin, H.[Hélène]

Burdin, V. Co Author Listing * Modeling and analysis of 3-D elongated shapes with applications to long bone morphometry
* Type-Constrained Robust Fitting of Quadrics with Application to the 3D Morphological Characterization of Saddle-Shaped Articular Surfaces
Includes: Burdin, V. Burdin, V.[Valerie]

Burdisso, S.G.[Sergio G.] Co Author Listing * t-SS3: A text classifier with dynamic n-grams for early risk detection over text streams

Burdsall, B. Co Author Listing * Hough transform and uncertainty handling. Application to circular object detection in ultrasound medical images

Burduja, M.[Mihail] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Medical Image Alignment With Curriculum Learning

Burduk, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Classifier fusion with interval-valued weights
* Linear classifier combination via multiple potential functions
* Probability Error in Bayes Optimal Classifier with Intuitionistic Fuzzy Observations

Burdumy, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Modeling Atrial Fiber Orientation in Patient-Specific Geometries: A Semi-automatic Rule-Based Approach

Burdun, I.[Iuliia] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Three Trapezoid Models Using Optical and Thermal Satellite Imagery for Water Table Depth Monitoring in Estonian Bogs, A
* Satellite Determination of Peatland Water Table Temporal Dynamics by Localizing Representative Pixels of A SWIR-Based Moisture Index

Burdziakowski, P.[Pawel] Co Author Listing * Increasing the Geometrical and Interpretation Quality of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Photogrammetry Products using Super-Resolution Algorithms
* Novel Method for the Deblurring of Photogrammetric Images Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks, A
* Shore Construction Detection by Automotive Radar for the Needs of Autonomous Surface Vehicle Navigation

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