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Cakici, R.[Ruket] Co Author Listing * Data-driven image captioning via salient region discovery

Cakir, A. Co Author Listing * Performance Matters on Identification of Origin-destination Matrix On Big Geospatial Data
Includes: Cakir, A. Çakir, A.

Cakir, F.[Fatih] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Hashing for Fast Similarity Search
* Deep Metric Learning to Rank
* Hashing as Tie-Aware Learning to Rank
* Hashing with Binary Matrix Pursuit
* Hashing with Mutual Information
* MIHash: Online Hashing with Mutual Information
* Nearest-Neighbor based Metric Functions for indoor scene recognition
* Online supervised hashing
* Online supervised hashing
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Cakir, H.I.[Halil Ibrahim] Co Author Listing * Counting Turkish Coins with a Calibrated Camera
* Global registration of overlapping images using accumulative image features
* Occlusion-Resistant Ellipse Detection Method by Joining Coelliptic Arcs, An
* Per-pixel Classification of High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery for Urban Land-cover Mapping
* Pixel Level Fusion of Panchromatic and Multispectral Images Based on Correspondence Analysis
Includes: Cakir, H.I.[Halil Ibrahim] Cakir, H.I.[Halil I.]

Cakir, S.[Serdar] Co Author Listing * Image Feature Extraction Using 2D Mel-Cepstrum
* Mel-cepstral methods for image feature extraction

Cakir, Z.[Ziyadin] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Secular Ground Motions in Istanbul from a Long-Term InSAR Time-Series (1992-2017)
* Application of Sentinel-1 Multi-temporal Data for Crop Monitoring And Mapping
* Flood Mapping and Permanent Water Bodies Change Detection Using Sentinel Sar Data
* Ground Deformation Analysis of Bolvadin (W. Turkey) by Means of Multi-Temporal InSAR Techniques and Sentinel-1 Data
* Investigating Subsidence in the Bursa Plain, Turkey, Using Ascending and Descending Sentinel-1 Satellite Data
* Landslide Mapping and Monitoring Using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) Technique in the French Alps
* Paradigm of Geological Mapping of the Adiyaman Fault Zone of Eastern Turkey Using Landsat 8 Remotely Sensed Data Coupled with PCA, ICA, and MNFA Techniques
* Spatial Transformation of Equality: Generalized Travelling Salesman Problem to Travelling Salesman Problem
Includes: Cakir, Z.[Ziyadin] Cakir, Z. Çakir, Z.[Ziyadin]
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Cakiroglu, G. Co Author Listing * Biologically inspired Cartesian and non-Cartesian filters for attentional sequences
Includes: Cakiroglu, G. Çakiroglu, G.

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