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Camurat, F. Co Author Listing * application of fixed-rate scalar-vector quantization in image coding, An

Camurri, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Expressive Gesture: The EyesWeb Expressive Gesture Processing Library
* Automated Laughter Detection From Full-Body Movements
* Automatic Classification of Expressive Hand Gestures on Tangible Acoustic Interfaces According to Laban's Theory of Effort
* Change Matters! Measuring the Effect of Changing the Leader in Joint Music Performances, The
* Effects of Computerized Emotional Training on Children with High Functioning Autism
* Emotional entrainment in music performance
* Evaluating Movement Quality Through Intrapersonal Synchronization
* Gesture Saliency: A Context-Aware Analysis
* Ghost in the Cave: An Interactive Collaborative Game Using Non-verbal Communication
* Multimodal Analysis of Expressive Gesture in Music and Dance Performances
* One size does not fit all: multimodal search on mobile and desktop devices with the I-SEARCH search engine
* Subject Interfaces: Measuring Bodily Activation During an Emotional Experience of Music
* System for Real-Time Multimodal Analysis of Nonverbal Affective Social Interaction in User-Centric Media, A
* Technique for automatic emotion recognition by body gesture analysis
* Toward a Minimal Representation of Affective Gestures
* Towards Analysis of Expressive Gesture in Groups of Users: Computational Models of Expressive Social Interaction
* Using the Audio Respiration Signal for Multimodal Discrimination of Expressive Movement Qualities
* Validation of an Algorithm for Segmentation of Full-Body Movement Sequences by Perception: A Pilot Experiment
Includes: Camurri, A.[Antonio] Camurri, A.
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Camurri, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * 3D Hough transform for sphere recognition on point clouds

Camus, T. Co Author Listing * Collision Sensing by Stereo Vision and Radar Sensor Fusion
* Stereo-Based Object Detection, Classification, and Quantitative Evaluation with Automotive Applications
* Stereo-based vision system for automotive imminent collision detection
* Towards a Practical Stereo Vision Sensor

Camus, T.A.[Theodore A.] Co Author Listing * email: Camus, T.A.[Theodore A.]: tcamus AT sarnoff com
* Accuracy vs. Efficiency Trade-Offs in Optical Flow Algorithms
* Image subtraction to remove ambient illumination
* Iris Biometric System for Public and Personal Use, An
* Method for real time correlation of stereo images
* Planning and Selective Perception for Target Retrieval
* Real-Time Computer Vision Platform for Mobile Robot Applications, A
* Real-Time Quantized Optical Flow
* Real-Time Single-Workstation Obstacle Avoidance Using Only Wide-Field Flow Divergence
* Reliable and fast eye finding in close-up images
* Sensar: Secure(tm) Iris Identification System
Includes: Camus, T.A.[Theodore A.] Camus, T.A. Camus, T.A.[Ted A.]
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Camut, F. Co Author Listing * Generation of schedule tables on multi-core systems for AUTOSAR applications

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