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Damodar, S.S.[Shirbahadurkar Suresh] Co Author Listing * HWFusion: Holoentropy and SP-Whale optimisation-based fusion model for magnetic resonance imaging multimodal image fusion

Damodaram, M. Co Author Listing * DeepCut: Object Segmentation From Bounding Box Annotations Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* PVR: Patch-to-Volume Reconstruction for Large Area Motion Correction of Fetal MRI

Damodaran, B.B.[Bharath Bhushan] Co Author Listing * Attribute Profiles from Partitioning Trees
* DeepJDOT: Deep Joint Distribution Optimal Transport for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Entropic Optimal Transport loss for learning deep neural networks under label noise in remote sensing images, An
* GEOBIA at the Terapixel Scale: Toward Efficient Mapping of Small Woody Features from Heterogeneous VHR Scenes
* Semantic Unfolding of Stylegan Latent Space
* Sparse Hilbert Schmidt Independence Criterion and Surrogate-Kernel-Based Feature Selection for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Wasserstein Adversarial Regularization for Learning With Label Noise
Includes: Damodaran, B.B.[Bharath Bhushan] Damodaran, B.B.[Bharath Bushan] Damodaran, B.B.
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Damoder, M. Co Author Listing * Real-time video summarization on mobile

Damoisaux, J.L.[Jean Luc] Co Author Listing * Mine Detection Based on Adaboost and Polynomial Image Decomposition
Includes: Damoisaux, J.L.[Jean Luc] Damoisaux, J.L.[Jean-Luc]

Damoiseaux, J.l. Co Author Listing * 3D-AD: 3D-autism dataset for repetitive behaviours with kinect sensor
* Graph Matching Applied For Textured Pattern Recognition
Includes: Damoiseaux, J.l. Damoiseaux, J.L.

Damon, J.N.[James N.] Co Author Listing * Backwards Principal Component Analysis and Principal Nested Relations
* Determining the Geometry of Boundaries of Objects from Medial Data
* Entropy-based correspondence improvement of interpolated skeletal models
* Flux invariants for shape
* Guest Editors' Introduction to the Special Section on Shape Analysis and Its Applications in Image Understanding
* Interpolation in Discrete Single Figure Medial Objects
* Local Image Features Resulting from 3-Dimensional Geometric Features, Illumination, and Movement: I
* Local Image Features Resulting From 3-Dimensional Geometric Features, Illumination, And Movement: II
* Modeling Multi-object Configurations via Medial/Skeletal Linking Structures
* Multiscale Medial Loci and Their Properties
* On the Smoothness and Geometry of Boundaries Associated to Skeletal Structures I: Sufficient Conditions for Smoothness
* Properties of Ridges and Cores for Two-Dimensional Images
* Theoretically Based Robust Algorithms for Tracking Intersection Curves of Two Deforming Parametric Surfaces
* Tree Structure for Contractible Regions in R3
Includes: Damon, J.N.[James N.] Damon, J.N.
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Damos, M.A.[Mohamed A.] Co Author Listing * Novel Urban Tourism Path Planning Approach Based on a Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm, A

Damotharasamy, S.[Sangeetha] Co Author Listing * Approach to model human appearance based on sparse representation for human tracking in surveillance

Damoulas, T.[Theodoros] Co Author Listing * Combining feature spaces for classification
* Pattern recognition with a Bayesian kernel combination machine
* String Kernels for Complex Time-Series: Counting Targets from Sensed Movement

Damousis, I.G. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Fusion of Eyelid Activity Indicators for Hypovigilance-Related Accident Prediction

Damov, M.[Mikhail] Co Author Listing * Accurate spatio-temporal reconstruction of missing data in dynamic scenes

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