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Din, A.[Ahmad] Co Author Listing * Color image segmentation using genetic algorithm with aggregation-based clustering validity index (CVI)

Din, A.H.[Ami Hassan] Co Author Listing * Epoch-Based Height Reference System for Sea Level Rise Impact Assessment on the Coast of Peninsular Malaysia
* Relative Sea Level Trends for the Coastal Areas of Peninsular and East Malaysia Based on Remote and In Situ Observations

Din, A.H.M. Co Author Listing * Acceleration of Sea Level Rise over Malaysian Seas from Satellite Altimeter
* Adjustment of Cadastral Network Using Least-squares Variance Component Estimation
* Assessment of Seasonal Variability for Wind Speed And Significant Wave Height Using Satellite Altimeter Over Malaysian Seas
* CAWRES: A Waveform Retracking Fuzzy Expert System for Optimizing Coastal Sea Levels from Jason-1 and Jason-2 Satellite Altimetry Data
* Coastal Vulnerability Index Development: a Review
* Development of a Time-Dependent 3-Parameter Helmert Datum Transformation Model: A Case Study for Malaysia
* Establishment of New Fitted Geoid Model In Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
* Exploring Spatio-temporal Wave Pattern Using Unsupervised Technique
* Gravimetric Geoid Modelling Over Peninsular Malaysia Using Two Different Gridding Approaches for Combining Free Air Anomaly
* Gravity Anomaly Assessment Using GGMS and Airborne Gravity Data Towards Bathymetry Estimation
* Impact of Sea Level Rise on Geodetic Vertical Datum of Peninsular Malaysia, The
* Implementation of Modern Geocentric Datum: a Review, The
* Indigenous Community Tree Inventory: Assessment of Data Quality
* Integrating Network Concept Into Multi Criteria Analysis for Suggesting Bus Rapid Transit Routes
* Marine Geoid Undulation Assessment over South China Sea Using Global Geopotential Models and Airborne Gravity Data
* Mean Sea Surface (MSS) Model Determination for Malaysian Seas Using Multi-Mission Satellite Altimeter
* Open-Source Digital Elevation Model (DEMs) Evaluation with GPS and LiDAR Data
* Presence of Geophysical Loadings in GPS Observations Using General Least Squares Approaches, The
* Reliability of Wind Speed Data From Satellite Altimeter to Support Wind Turbine Energy
* Review on Legal Traceability of GNSS Measurements in the Malaysian Cadastral Practice, A
* Surface Elevation Changes Estimation Underneath Mangrove Canopy Using SNERL Filtering Algorithm and DoD Technique on UAV-Derived DSM Data
* Voters' Perception Towards Political Party: A Geospatial Case Study of Young Voters in Johor Bahru
Includes: Din, A.H.M. Din, A.H.M.[Ami Hassan M.] Din, A.H.M.[Ami Hassan Md]
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Din, I.U.[Irfan Ud] Co Author Listing * Parallel phase unwrapping in 3D shape measurement using digital fringe projection technique

Din, M.[Mairaj] Co Author Listing * Assessment of UAV-Onboard Multispectral Sensor for Non-Destructive Site-Specific Rapeseed Crop Phenotype Variable at Different Phenological Stages and Resolutions

Din, N. Co Author Listing * Cadastral Database Positional Accuracy Improvement

Din, N.U.[Nizam Ud] Co Author Listing * Image unmosaicing without location information using stacked GAN
* UMGAN: Generative adversarial network for image unmosaicing using perceptual loss

Din, S. Co Author Listing * Internet of Vehicles: Key Technologies, Network Model, Solutions and Challenges With Future Aspects

Din, S.U.[Shahab Ud] Co Author Listing * Mapping Allochemical Limestone Formations in Hazara, Pakistan Using Google Cloud Architecture: Application of Machine-Learning Algorithms on Multispectral Data
* Retrieval of Land-Use/Land Cover Change (LUCC) Maps and Urban Expansion Dynamics of Hyderabad, Pakistan via Landsat Datasets and Support Vector Machine Framework
Includes: Din, S.U.[Shahab Ud] Din, S.U.[Shaker Ul]

Din, U. Co Author Listing * Hulu Sungai Perak Bed Sediment Mapping Using Underwater Acoustic Sonar

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