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Domke, G.M.[Grant M.] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Site-Specific and Generic Spatial Models of Aboveground Forest Biomass Based on Landsat Time-Series and LiDAR Strip Samples in the Eastern USA

Domke, J. Co Author Listing * Deformation and Viewpoint Invariant Color Histograms
* Image Transformations and Blurring
* Integration of Visual and Inertial Information for Egomotion: A Stochastic Approach
* Learning Graphical Model Parameters with Approximate Marginal Inference
* Multiple View Image Reconstruction: A Harmonic Approach
* Parameter learning with truncated message-passing
* Probabilistic Framework for Correspondence and Egomotion, A
* Probabilistic Notion of Camera Geometry: Calibrated vs. Uncalibrated, A
* Probabilistic Notion of Correspondence and the Epipolar Constraint, A
* Signals on Pencils of Lines
* Who killed the directed model?
Includes: Domke, J. Domke, J.[Justin]
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