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Dorkenwald, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Behavior-Driven Synthesis of Human Dynamics
* iPOKE: Poking a Still Image for Controlled Stochastic Video Synthesis
* SCVRL: Shuffled Contrastive Video Representation Learning
* Stochastic Image-to-Video Synthesis using cINNs
* Understanding Object Dynamics for Interactive Image-to-Video Synthesis
* Unsupervised Magnification of Posture Deviations Across Subjects
Includes: Dorkenwald, M.[Michael] Dorkenwald, M.

Dorko, G.[Gyuri] Co Author Listing * Combining Regions and Patches for Object Class Localization
* Learning to Recognize Objects with Little Supervision
* Maximally Stable Local Description for Scale Selection
* Object Class Recognition Using Discriminative Local Features
* Selection of scale-invariant parts for object class recognition
* Semi-supervised Learning Approach to Object Recognition with Spatial Integration of Local Features and Segmentation Cues, A
* Sliding-Windows for Rapid Object Class Localization: A Parallel Technique
Includes: Dorko, G.[Gyuri] Dorkó, G.[Gyuri]
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Dorksen Reiter, H.[Helene] Co Author Listing * Linear Algorithm for Polygonal Representations of Digital Sets, A
Includes: Dorksen Reiter, H.[Helene] Dörksen-Reiter, H.[Helene] (Maybe also Doerksen-Reiter, H.)

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