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du Plessis, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Geometry and Statistics: Manifolds and Stratified Spaces

du Plessis, S. Co Author Listing * Identifying Building Change Using High Resolution Point Clouds: An Object-based Approach

du Plessis, W. Co Author Listing * Alcohol and the oculomotor neural circuit: System identification, a delay-based approach

du Plessis, W.P.[Warren Paul] Co Author Listing * Coherence-Based Algorithm for Optimizing Rank-1 Grassmannian Codebooks, A

du Plooy, A.G.W. Co Author Listing * In-Road Microwave Sensor for Electronic Vehicle Identification and Tracking: Link Budget Analysis and Antenna Prototype

du Preez, J.A. Co Author Listing * Efficient backward decoding of high-order hidden Markov models
* Estimating the pen trajectories of multi-path static scripts using hidden Markov models
* Estimating the Pen Trajectories of Static Signatures Using Hidden Markov Models
* pseudo-skeletonization algorithm for static handwritten scripts, A
* Verification of dynamic curves extracted from static handwritten scripts
Includes: du Preez, J.A. du Preez, J.A.[Johan A.]

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