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Ellul, C. Co Author Listing * 3rd BIM/GIS Integration Workshop and 15th 3dgeoinfo Conference 2020: Preface
* Decision Making in the 4th Dimension: Exploring Use Cases and Technical Options for the Integration of 4D BIM and GIS during Construction
* Eurosdr GeoBIM Project a Study in Europe On How to Use The Potentials Of BIM and Geo Data in Practice
* EUROSDR GEOBIM Project: Developing Case Studies for the Use of GEOBIM in Practice, The
* Exploring Schema Matching To Compare Geospatial Standards: Application To Underground Utility Networks
* GeoBIM Benchmark 2019: Design and Initial Results
* GeoBIM Benchmark 2019: Intermediate Results
* How Can 3D GIS Be Used To Better Store, Integrate And Communicate Results of Environmental Impact Assessments?
* Integrating Expertises and Ambitions for Data-driven Digital Building Permits: The Eunet4dbp
* Investigating Interoperability Capabilities Between IFC and CityGML LOD 4: Retaining Semantic Information
* Investigating the State of Play of GeoBIM Across Europe
* ISPRS-Eurosdr GeoBIM Benchmark 2019, The
* Testing the Impact of 2D Generalisation on 3D Models: Exploring Analysis Options with an Off-the-Shelf Software Package
* Tools for BIM-GIS Integration (IFC Georeferencing and Conversions): Results from the GeoBIM Benchmark 2019
Includes: Ellul, C. Ellul, C.[Claire]
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Ellul, R.[Raymond] Co Author Listing * Utilizing Earth Observations of Soil Freeze/Thaw Data and Atmospheric Concentrations to Estimate Cold Season Methane Emissions in the Northern High Latitudes

Ellum, C.M. Co Author Listing * New strategies for integrating photogrammetric and GNSS data

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