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Eskofier, B.[Bjoern] Co Author Listing * Classification of kinematic golf putt data with emphasis on feature selection
* Classification of perceived running fatigue in digital sports
* Classification of surfaces and inclinations during outdoor running using shoe-mounted inertial sensors
* Comparison and classification of 3D objects surface point clouds on the example of feet
* Embedded surface classification in digital sports
* Influence of the Presentation Time on Subjective Votings of Coded Still Images
* Measurement of Individual Changes in the Performance of Human Stereoscopic Vision for Disparities at the Limits of the Zone of Comfortable Viewing
* Software-based performance and complexity analysis for the design of embedded classification systems
* Toward analyzing mutual interference on infrared-enabled depth cameras
Includes: Eskofier, B.[Bjoern] Eskofier, B.[Björn] Eskofier, B.
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Eskofier, B.M.[Bjoern M.] Co Author Listing * approximation of the Gaussian RBF kernel for efficient classification with SVMs, An
* Electromyography for Teleoperated Tasks in Weightlessness
* Generic performance measure for multiclass-classifiers
* Optimal feature selection for nonlinear data using branch-and-bound in kernel space
* Two-Stage Regression Using Bioimpedance and Temperature for Hydration Assessment During Sports, A
Includes: Eskofier, B.M.[Bjoern M.] Eskofier, B.M.

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