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Ezzahar, J.[Jamal] Co Author Listing * Combining a Two Source Energy Balance Model Driven by MODIS and MSG-SEVIRI Products with an Aggregation Approach to Estimate Turbulent Fluxes over Sparse and Heterogeneous Vegetation in Sahel Region (Niger)
* Evaluation of Backscattering Models and Support Vector Machine for the Retrieval of Bare Soil Moisture from Sentinel-1 Data
* Impact of Sowing Date on Yield and Water Use Efficiency of Wheat Analyzed through Spatial Modeling and FORMOSAT-2 Images
* Irrigation Amounts and Timing Retrieval through Data Assimilation of Surface Soil Moisture into the FAO-56 Approach in the South Mediterranean Region
* Multi-Scale Evaluation of the TSEB Model over a Complex Agricultural Landscape in Morocco
* On the Utility of High-Resolution Soil Moisture Data for Better Constraining Thermal-Based Energy Balance over Three Semi-Arid Agricultural Areas

Ezzaidi, H.[Hassan] Co Author Listing * Statistical and Neural Classifiers: Application for Singer and Music Discrimination in Polyphonic Music Context

Ezzaki, M.[Mahmoud] Co Author Listing * Simultaneous deconvolution and denoising using a second order variational approach applied to image super resolution

Ezzat, A.F.[Antoine F.] Co Author Listing * Face Analysis for the Synthesis of Photo-Realistic Talking Heads
* Facial analysis and synthesis using image-based models
* Trainable videorealistic speech animation
* Visual Speech Synthesis by Morphing Visemes

Ezzat, K.A.[Kadry A.] Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation system for liver tumors based on the multilevel thresholding and electromagnetism optimization algorithm

Ezzat, T.[Tony] Co Author Listing * Perceptual Evaluation of Video-Realistic Speech

Ezzati, A.[Abdellah] Co Author Listing * Reducing the training time of deep learning models using synchronous SGD and large batch size

Ezzati, M.[Majid] Co Author Listing * What You See Is What You Breathe? Estimating Air Pollution Spatial Variation Using Street-Level Imagery

Ezzazi, I.[Imad] Co Author Listing * 2-stages feature selection framework for colon cancer classification using SVM, A

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