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Flich, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Efficient Inference Of Image-Based Neural Network Models In Reconfigurable Systems With Pruning And Quantization
Includes: Flich, J.[Jose] Flich, J.[Josť]

Flick, T.E. Co Author Listing * 2-NN Rule for More Accurate NN Risk Estimation, The
* Classification Error for a Very Large Number of Classes
* Combinatorial Approach for Classification of Patterns with Missing Information and Random Orientation, A
* Optimal Global Nearest Neighbor Metric, An
* Pattern classification using projection pursuit
* Test of the Gaussian-ness of a Data Set Using Clustering, A
Includes: Flick, T.E. Flick, T.E.[Thomas E.]

Flickner, M. Co Author Listing * Low Power, Fully Event-Based Gesture Recognition System, A

Flickner, M.D.[Myron D.] Co Author Listing * email: Flickner, M.D.[Myron D.]: flick AT almaden ibm com
* Attentive billboards
* Attentive billboards: towards to video based customer behavior understanding
* Automatic and Semiautomatic Methods for Image Annotation and Retrieval in Query by Image Content (QBIC)
* Derivation for the Discrete Cosine Transform, A
* Detecting and Tracking Eyes by using their Physiological Properties, Dynamics, and Appearance
* Detecting eye position and gaze from a single camera and 2 light-sources
* Detection and Tracking of Shopping Groups in Stores
* Efficient and Effective Querying by Image Content
* Efficient and Effective Querying by Image Content -- Report
* Efficient Color Histogram Indexing for Quadratic Form Distance Functions
* Eliminating Memory Overflow in Connected Component Labeling Applications
* Experimental System for Disk Head Inspection, An
* Eye gaze tracking using an active stereo head
* Fast least-squares curve fitting using quasi-orthogonal splines
* Frame-Rate Pupil Detector and Gaze Tracker
* Ghost-3D: detecting body posture and parts using stereo
* Handling Memory Overflow in Connected Component Labeling Applications
* Image query system and method
* Indexing for Complex Queries on a Query-by-Content Image Database
* Integrated gaze/manual cursor positioning system
* Low Power, High Throughput, Fully Event-Based Stereo System, A
* Method and means for efficiently handling boundary conditions in connected component labeling
* Method and system for relevance feedback through gaze tracking and ticker interfaces
* Object Oriented Language for Image and Vision Execution (OLIVE), An
* Periodic Quasi-Orthogonal Spline Bases and Applications to Least-Squares Curve-Fitting of Digital Images
* Projection-Based High Accuracy Measurement of Straight Line Edges
* Pupil detection and tracking using multiple light sources
* QBIC Project: Querying Image by Content Using Color, Texture, and Shape, The
* Query by Image and Video Content: The QBIC System
* Query by image content using multiple objects and multiple features: user interface issues
* Real-Time Multiple Face Detection Using Active Illumination
* Special issue: eye detection and tracking
* System and method for eye gaze tracking using corneal image mapping
Includes: Flickner, M.D.[Myron D.] Flickner, M.D. Flickner, M.D.[Myron Dale]
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