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Gelfand, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Integrating local classifiers through nonlinear dynamics on label graphs with an application to image segmentation

Gelfand, M.S.[Mikhail S.] Co Author Listing * ANA HEp-2 cells image classification using number, size, shape and localization of targeted cell regions
* Evaluation and Comparison of Current Fetal Ultrasound Image Segmentation Methods for Biometric Measurements: A Grand Challenge
Includes: Gelfand, M.S.[Mikhail S.] Gelfand, M.S.

Gelfand, N. Co Author Listing * Artifact-free High Dynamic Range imaging
* Frankencamera: An Experimental Platform for Computational Photography, The
* Generalized autofocus
* Geometrically stable sampling for the ICP algorithm
* hierarchical method for aligning warped meshes, A
* Image webs: Computing and exploiting connectivity in image collections
* Motion-blur-free exposure fusion
* SURFTrac: Efficient tracking and continuous object recognition using local feature descriptors
Includes: Gelfand, N. Gelfand, N.[Natasha]
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Gelfand, S.B. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Detection Threshold Optimization for Tracking in Clutter
* Bayesian Decision-Feedback for Segmentation of Binary Images
* Classification trees with neural network feature extraction
* Comparative Cost Function Approach to Edge Detection, A
* Cost Minimization Approach to Edge Detection Using Simulated Annealing, A
* Fast Sparse Dynamic Time Warping
* Image restoration using recursive Markov random field models driven by Cauchy distributed noise
* Iterative Growing and Pruning Algorithm for Classification Tree Design, An
* Recursive Estimation of Images Using Non-gaussian Autoregressive Models
Includes: Gelfand, S.B. Gelfand, S.B.[Saul B.]
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