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Golab, L. Co Author Listing * Bikeshare Pool Sizing for Bike-and-Ride Multimodal Transit

Golab, T.J. Co Author Listing * FIDAC: Film input to digital automatic computer
* Fundamentals of true-color image processing

Golabbakhsh, M. Co Author Listing * Vessel-based registration of fundus and optical coherence tomography projection images of retina using a quadratic registration model

Golaghazadeh, F. Co Author Listing * Checksum-Filtered List Decoding Applied to H.264 and H.265 Video Error Correction
* Robust H.264 Video Decoding Using CRC-Based Single Error Correction and Non-Desynchronizing Bits Validation

Golan, M.[Moty] Co Author Listing * Method for Removal of Turbulence Disturbance from Video, Enabling Higher Level Applications, A

Golany, T. Co Author Listing * Detecting Deficient Coverage in Colonoscopies

Golard, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * Ultrasound for Gaze Estimation

Golarits, M.[Marcell] Co Author Listing * Localization of Map Changes by Exploiting SLAM Residuals

Golas, A.[Abhinav] Co Author Listing * Explosion Simulation Using Compressible Fluids
* Interactive Modeling, Simulation and Control of Large-Scale Crowds and Traffic

Golatkar, A.[Aditya] Co Author Listing * Classification of Breast Cancer Histology Using Deep Learning
* Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Net: Selective Forgetting in Deep Networks
* Forgetting Outside the Box: Scrubbing Deep Networks of Information Accessible from Input-output Observations
* LQF: Linear Quadratic Fine-Tuning
* Mixed-Privacy Forgetting in Deep Networks
Includes: Golatkar, A.[Aditya] Golatkar, A.

Golay, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * Pose estimation of landscape images using DEM and orthophotos

Golay, J.[Jean] Co Author Listing * Feature selection for regression problems based on the Morisita estimator of intrinsic dimension
* new estimator of intrinsic dimension based on the multipoint Morisita index, A

Golay, M.J.E. Co Author Listing * Hexagonal Parallel Pattern Transformations
* Smoothing Data by Least Squares Procedures and by Filtering
* Topoglyphs

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