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Gotchev, A.[Atanas] Co Author Listing * 3D-DCT based perceptual quality assessment of stereo video
* Analysis and optimization of pixel usage of light-field conversion from multi-camera setups to 3D light-field displays
* Analysis of Accommodation Cues in Holographic Stereograms
* Anti-aliasing filtering of 2D images for multi-view auto-stereoscopic displays
* Bessel Functions-Based Reconstruction of Non-Uniformly Sampled Diffraction Fields
* Binocular depth perception: Does head parallax help people see better in depth?
* Circular trajectory correspondences for iterative closest point registration
* Coding Algorithms for 3DTV: A Survey
* Color high dynamic range imaging: The luminance-chrominance approach
* Computational Coherent Imaging for Accommodation-Invariant Near-Eye Displays
* Computer-Generated Holograms for 3D Imaging: A Survey
* Content-Adaptive Superpixel Segmentation Via Image Transformation
* CPU-efficient free view synthesis based on depth layering
* Crosstalk Measurement Methodology for Auto-Stereoscopic Screens
* Decoding complexity reduction in projection-based light-field 3D displays using self-contained HEVC tiles
* Depth estimation by combining stereo matching and coded aperture
* Diffraction field computation from arbitrarily distributed data points in space
* Efficient cost volume sampling for plane sweeping based multiview depth estimation
* Efficient Image-Warping Framework for Content-Adaptive Superpixels Generation
* Efficient Super-Resolution Reconstruction for Translational Motion using a Near Least Squares Resampling Method
* Fast and Accurate Depth Estimation From Sparse Light Fields
* fast and accurate re-calibration technique for misaligned stereo cameras, A
* Fast hierarchical cost volume aggregation for stereo-matching
* fast image segmentation algorithm using color and depth map, A
* Fast: Flow-Assisted Shearlet Transform for Densely-Sampled Light Field Reconstruction
* Framework for Assessing Rendering Techniques for Near-Eye Integral Imaging Displays, A
* Image based rendering technique via sparse representation in shearlet domain
* Juxtaposition between compression and depth for stereoscopic image quality on portable auto-stereoscopic display
* Learning Extended Depth of field Hyperspectral Imaging
* Learning Optimal Phase-Coded Aperture for Depth of Field Extension
* Learning Wavefront Coding for Extended Depth of Field Imaging
* Light Field Reconstruction Using Shearlet Transform
* Lossless compression of subaperture images using context modeling
* Measurement of perceived spatial resolution in 3D light-field displays
* Mobile 3D video broadcast
* Multiple Description Coding of 3D Geometry with Forward Error Correction Codes
* near least squares method for image decimation, A
* Opengl-Based Control of Semi-Active 3D Display
* Performance Assessment of A Diffraction Field Computation Method Based on Source Model
* Phase-Coded Computational Imaging For Accommodation-Invariant Near-Eye Displays
* Quantifying the importance of cyclopean view and binocular rivalry-related features for objective quality assessment of mobile 3D video
* Reconstruction of Scalar Diffraction Field from Distributed Data Points Over 3D Space
* Self-contained slices in H.264 for partial video decoding targeting 3D light-field displays
* Self-Supervised Light Field Reconstruction Using Shearlet Transform and Cycle Consistency
* Shearlet Transform-Based Light Field Compression Under Low Bitrates
* Shearlet-domain light field reconstruction for holographic stereogram generation
* Signal Processing Problems and Algorithms in Display Side of 3DTV
* Simulation of microlens array based plenoptic capture utilizing densely sampled light field
* Speed-optimized free-viewpoint rendering based on depth layering
* Super resolution inverse imaging for plenoptic camera using wavefield modeling
* Survey of Signal Processing Problems and Tools in Holographic Three-Dimensional Television, A
* Three-Dimensional Media for Mobile Devices
* Time-of-Flight Range Measurement in Low-Sensing Environment: Noise Analysis and Complex-Domain Non-Local Denoising
* Towards Compound Stereo-Video Quality Metric: A Specific Encoder-Based Framework
* Transform domain similarity measures in stereo matching
* Two-stage multiple description image coders: Analysis and comparative study
* Viewing Simulation of Integral Imaging Display Based on Wave Optics
* Why HDR is Important for 3DTV Model Acquisition
Includes: Gotchev, A.[Atanas] Gotchev, A.
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Gotchev, G.V. Co Author Listing * Computer Description and Decomposition of Scenes of 3D Line Drawings
* Computer linguistic analysis of line drawings
* Description and Representation of 3-D Scenes in Computer Vision Systems
Includes: Gotchev, G.V. Gotchev, G.V.[Gotcho V.]

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