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Gotta, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Learning-Based Traffic Scheduling in Non-Stationary Multipath 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks

Gotta, D.[Danilo] Co Author Listing * Smart Maintenance to Support Digital Life

Gottardi, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Shared Control in Robot Teleoperation With Improved Potential Fields

Gottardi, C. Co Author Listing * 3D Integrated Methodologies for the Documentation and the Virtual Reconstruction of an Archaeological Site
* Geomatics Techniques for The Enhancement and Preservation of Cultural Heritage
* Survey Methods for Earthquake Damages in the Camera Degli Sposi of Mantegna (Mantova)

Gottardi, M. Co Author Listing * Optimized position sensors for flying-spot active triangulation systems
* Retrieving gray-level information from a Binary Sensor and its application to gesture detection
* System and method of light spot position and color detection
* Ultra-Low-Power Contrast-Based Integrated Camera Node and its Application as a People Counter, An
Includes: Gottardi, M. Gottardi, M.[Massimo]

Gottbehuet, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Integration of Multiple Temporal and Spatial Scales for Robust Optic Flow Estimation in a Biologically Inspired Algorithm

Gottel, B. Co Author Listing * Millimeter-Wave Radar Sensor for Snow Height Measurements
Includes: Gottel, B. Göttel, B. (Maybe also Goettel, B.)

Gottemukkula, V. Co Author Listing * ICIP 2016 competition on mobile ocular biometric recognition
* Method for using visible ocular vasculature for mobile biometrics

Gottert, L.[Leonard] Co Author Listing * Using Machine-Learning for the Damage Detection of Harbour Structures
Includes: Gottert, L.[Leonard] Göttert, L.[Leonard] (Maybe also Goettert, L.)

Gottfried, B.[Bjorn] Co Author Listing * Interpreting motion events of pairs of moving objects
* Qualitative similarity measures: The case of two-dimensional outlines
* Querying for silhouettes by qualitative feature schemes
* Retrieving Shapes Efficiently by a Qualitative Shape Descriptor: The Scope Histogram
* Towards the interactive transcription of handwritings: Anytime anywhere document analysis
Includes: Gottfried, B.[Bjorn] Gottfried, B.[Björn] Gottfried, B.

Gottfried, J.M.[Jens Malte] Co Author Listing * Computing Range Flow from Multi-modal Kinect Data
* Time of flight motion compensation revisited
Includes: Gottfried, J.M.[Jens Malte] Gottfried, J.M.[Jens-Malte] Gottfried, J.M.

Gottl, F.[Franziska] Co Author Listing * Lake Level Estimation Based on CryoSat-2 SAR Altimetry and Multi-Looked Waveform Classification
Includes: Gottl, F.[Franziska] Göttl, F.[Franziska] (Maybe also Goettl, F.)

Gottleib, D. Co Author Listing * On the direct Fourier method for computer tomography

Gottlieb, L. Co Author Listing * Creating Experts From the Crowd: Techniques for Finding Workers for Difficult Tasks

Gottlieb, L.A.[Lee Ad] Co Author Listing * Using Support Vector Machine (SVM) with GPS Ionospheric TEC Estimations to Potentially Predict Earthquake Events
Includes: Gottlieb, L.A.[Lee Ad] Gottlieb, L.A.[Lee-Ad]

Gottlieb, M. Co Author Listing * Imaging Through Scattering Media
* Multi-Spectral Imaging Filters

Gottlieb, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Using a Topological Descriptor to Investigate Structures of Virus Particles

Gottlob, I.[Irene] Co Author Listing * Automated segmentation of retinal layers from optical coherence tomography images using geodesic distance
* Optical coherence tomography image segmentation

Gotts, N.[Nick] Co Author Listing * Using agent-based modelling to simulate social-ecological systems across scales

Gotts, N.M. Co Author Listing * Logical Approach to Representing and Reasoning about Space, A
* Qualitative Spatial Representation and Reasoning with the Region Connection Calculus
Includes: Gotts, N.M. Gotts, N.M.[Nicholas Mark]

Gottschalk, H.[Hanno] Co Author Listing * Entropy Maximization and Meta Classification for Out-of-Distribution Detection in Semantic Segmentation
* Gradient-Based Quantification of Epistemic Uncertainty for Deep Object Detectors

Gottschalk, P.G. Co Author Listing * Efficient Recognition of Partially Visible Objects Using a Logarithmic Complexity Matching Technique

Gottschall, J.[Julia] Co Author Listing * IEA Wind Task 32: Wind Lidar Identifying and Mitigating Barriers to the Adoption of Wind Lidar
* Inter-Comparison Study of Multi- and DBS Lidar Measurements in Complex Terrain, An
* NEWA Ferry Lidar Experiment: Measuring Mesoscale Winds in the Southern Baltic Sea, The

Gottsche, F. Co Author Listing * Method Based on Temporal Component Decomposition for Estimating 1-km All-Weather Land Surface Temperature by Merging Satellite Thermal Infrared and Passive Microwave Observations, A
Includes: Gottsche, F. Göttsche, F. (Maybe also Goettsche, F.)

Gottsche, F.M.[Frank M.] Co Author Listing * All-Weather Land Surface Temperature Product Based on MSG/SEVIRI Observations, An
* Comprehensive assessment of four-parameter diurnal land surface temperature cycle models under clear-sky
* Comprehensive In Situ Validation of Five Satellite Land Surface Temperature Data Sets over Multiple Stations and Years
* Evaluation of GOES-R Land Surface Temperature Algorithm Using SEVIRI Satellite Retrievals with in Situ Measurements
* Google Earth Engine Open-Source Code for Land Surface Temperature Estimation from the Landsat Series
* Long Term Validation of Land Surface Temperature Retrieved from MSG/SEVIRI with Continuous in-Situ Measurements in Africa
* Meteosat Land Surface Temperature Climate Data Record: Achievable Accuracy and Potential Uncertainties
* Physical Retrieval of Land Surface Emissivity Spectra from Hyper-Spectral Infrared Observations and Validation with In Situ Measurements
* Quality Assessment of S-NPP VIIRS Land Surface Temperature Product
* Temperature and Emissivity Separation From MSG/SEVIRI Data
* Thermal Sampling Depth Correction Method for Land Surface Temperature Estimation From Satellite Passive Microwave Observation Over Barren Land, A
* Validation and consistency assessment of land surface temperature from geostationary and polar orbit platforms: SEVIRI/MSG and AVHRR/Metop
* Validation of AVHRR Land Surface Temperature with MODIS and In Situ LST: A TIMELINE Thematic Processor
* Validation of Sentinel-3 SLSTR Land Surface Temperature Retrieved by the Operational Product and Comparison with Explicitly Emissivity-Dependent Algorithms
Includes: Gottsche, F.M.[Frank M.] Göttsche, F.M.[Frank-M.] (Maybe also Goettsche, F.M.)Göttsche, F.M.[Frank-Michael] (Maybe also Goettsche, F.M.)Gottsche, F.M. Göttsche, F.M.[Frank M.] (Maybe also Goettsche, F.M.)Göttsche, F.M. (Maybe also Goettsche, F.M.)
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Gottsche, T.[Thorsten] Co Author Listing * First Dedicated Balloon Catheter for Magnetic Particle Imaging
Includes: Gottsche, T.[Thorsten] Göttsche, T.[Thorsten] (Maybe also Goettsche, T.)

Gottschlich, C. Co Author Listing * Curved-Region-Based Ridge Frequency Estimation and Curved Gabor Filters for Fingerprint Image Enhancement
* Global variational method for fingerprint segmentation by three-part decomposition
* Möbius Moduli for Fingerprint Orientation Fields
* Oriented Diffusion Filtering for Enhancing Low-quality Fingerprint Images
* Perfect fingerprint orientation fields by locally adaptive global models
* Robust Orientation Field Estimation and Extrapolation Using Semilocal Line Sensors
* Separating the real from the synthetic: Minutiae histograms as fingerprints of fingerprints
Includes: Gottschlich, C. Gottschlich, C.[Carsten]
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Gottschlich, S. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Approach to High-Precision Parts Mating, A
* Evidence Accumulation Using Binary Frames of Discernment for Verification Vision

Gottschlich, S.N. Co Author Listing * IVIS: An Integrated Volumetric Inspection System
* Planning for Complete Sensor Coverage in Inspection

Gottuk, D.T.[Daniel T.] Co Author Listing * Data fusion with a multisensor system for damage control and situational awareness

Gottumukkal, R.[Rajkiran] Co Author Listing * Illumination invariant faces
* improved face recognition technique based on modular PCA approach, An
* Learning skin distribution using a sparse map
* Multi-lane architecture for eigenface based real-time face recognition
* Real time face detection from color video stream based on PCA method

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