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Grodecki, J.[Jacek] Co Author Listing * Block Adjustment of High-Resolution Satellite Images Described by Rational Functions
* Evaluation methods for curvilinear feature extraction
* IKONOS satellite, imagery, and products
* Sensor orientation via RPCs
Includes: Grodecki, J.[Jacek] Grodecki, J.

Grodecki, J.F.[Jacek Franciszek] Co Author Listing * Apparatuses and methods for mapping image coordinates to ground coordinates
* Block Adjustment of High-Resolution Satellite Images Described by Rational Functions

Grodsky, S.A.[Semyon A.] Co Author Listing * Assessing Coastal SMAP Surface Salinity Accuracy and Its Application to Monitoring Gulf of Maine Circulation Dynamics
* Ka-Band Doppler Scatterometry: A Strong Wind Case Study
* Ka-Band Dual Copolarized Empirical Model for the Sea Surface Radar Cross Section
* Ka-Band Radar Cross-Section of Breaking Wind Waves
* Low-Frequency Sea Surface Radar Doppler Echo
* Modulation of Ka-Band Doppler Radar Signals Backscattered From the Sea Surface
* On Doppler Shifts of Breaking Waves
* Sea Surface Ka-Band Doppler Measurements: Analysis and Model Development
* Twenty-Seven Years of Scatterometer Surface Wind Analysis over Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems
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Grodzinski, B.[Bernard] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision Based Autonomous Robotic System for 3D Plant Growth Measurement

Grodzitkiy, L.V. Co Author Listing * Dense 3d Object Reconstruction Using Structured-light Scanner and Deep Learning

Grodzitskiy, L. Co Author Listing * Synthetic Vision System Calibration for Conform Projection on The Pilot's Head-up Display

Grodzka Lukaszewska, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Quantification of Gridded Precipitation Products for the Streamflow Simulation on the Mekong River Basin Using Rainfall Assessment Framework: A Case Study for the Srepok River Subbasin, Central Highland Vietnam
Includes: Grodzka Lukaszewska, M.[Maria] Grodzka-Lukaszewska, M.[Maria]

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