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Gulacsi, A.[Andras] Co Author Listing * Sentinel-1-Imagery-Based High-Resolution Water Cover Detection on Wetlands, Aided by Google Earth Engine
Includes: Gulacsi, A.[Andras] Gulácsi, A.[András]

Gulak, P.G. Co Author Listing * Second order H-infinity optimal LMS and NLMS algorithms based on a second-order Markov model

Gulakhmadov, A.[Aminjon] Co Author Listing * Assessment of IMERG-V06, TRMM-3B42V7, SM2RAIN-ASCAT, and PERSIANN-CDR Precipitation Products over the Hindu Kush Mountains of Pakistan, South Asia

Gulani, V. Co Author Listing * SVD Compression for Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting in the Time Domain

Gulati, A. Co Author Listing * Image and Video Processing Using MAJC 5200

Gulati, D.[Dhiraj] Co Author Listing * Cooperative vehicle-infrastructure localization based on the symmetric measurement equation filter

Gulati, S. Co Author Listing * Introduction to Signal Processing for Singing-Voice Analysis: High Notes in the Effort to Automate the Understanding of Vocals in Music, An
* Poisson Reconstruction of Extreme Submersed Environments: The Endurance Exploration of an Under-ice Antarctic Lake
Includes: Gulati, S. Gulati, S.[Shilpa]

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