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Hegyi, A. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Traffic Performance of a Merging Assistant Strategy Using Cooperative Vehicles
* Deserted Medieval Village Reconstruction Using Applied Geosciences
* Efficient Freeway MPC by Parameterization of ALINEA and a Speed-Limited Area
* Extended Linear Quadratic Model Predictive Control Approach for Multi-Destination Urban Traffic Networks, An
* Hierarchical Control Framework for Coordination of Intersection Signal Timings in All Traffic Regimes, A
* Improving the road network performance with dynamic route guidance by considering the indifference band of road users
* Integrated Predictive Control of Freeway Networks Using the Extended Link Transmission Model
* Introduction to the Special Issue on the 16th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC 13)
* Linear MPC-Based Urban Traffic Control Using the Link Transmission Model
* Observations of Archaeological Proxies through Phenological Analysis over the Megafort of Csanadpalota-Juhasz T. tanya in Hungary Using Sentinel-2 Images
* On a spatiotemporally discrete urban traffic model
* Optimal Coordination of Variable Speed Limits to Suppress Shock Waves
* Optimized Speed Trajectories for Cyclists, Based on Personal Preferences and Traffic Light Information: A Stochastic Dynamic Programming Approach
* Parallelized Particle and Gaussian Sum Particle Filters for Large-Scale Freeway Traffic Systems
* Predictive Traffic Controller for Sustainable Mobility Using Parameterized Control Policies, A
* Using Geophysics to Characterize a Prehistoric Burial Mound in Romania
Includes: Hegyi, A. Hegyi, A.[Alexandru] Hegyi, A.[Andreas]
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