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Ijsselmuiden, J. Co Author Listing * Interaction analysis through fuzzy temporal logic: Extensions for clustering and parameter learning
* Monitoring and mapping with robot swarms for agricultural applications
Includes: Ijsselmuiden, J. IJsselmuiden, J.

Ijsselsteijn, W.A. Co Author Listing * Advanced three-dimensional television system technologies
* Intimate Heartbeats: Opportunities for Affective Communication Technology
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Immersive Telecommunications
* Persuasion-Induced Physiology as Predictor of Persuasion Effectiveness
* Psychophysiological Reactions to Persuasive Messages Deploying Persuasion Principles
* Receiving a Mediated Touch From Your Partner vs. a Male Stranger: How Visual Feedback of Touch and Its Sender Influence Touch Experience
* Subjective Evaluation of Stereoscopic Images: Effects of Camera Parameters and Display Duration
* survey of perceptual evaluations and requirements of three-dimensional TV, A
* Susceptibility to Visual Discomfort of 3-D Displays by Visual Performance Measures
* User centered design of gesture-based interaction technology
* User Experience of Gesture Based Interfaces: A Comparison with Traditional Interaction Methods on Pragmatic and Hedonic Qualities
Includes: Ijsselsteijn, W.A. IJsselsteijn, W.A. IJsselsteijn, W.A.[Wijnand A.] Ijsselsteijn, W.A.[Wijnand A.]
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