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Jana, B. Co Author Listing * Object Extraction Using Novel Region Merging and Multidimensional Features
* Robust watermarking scheme for tamper detection and authentication exploiting CA
Includes: Jana, B. Jana, B.[Biswapati]

Jana, P. Co Author Listing * Automated segmentation and classification of chemical and other equations from document images
* Nrityabodha: Towards understanding Indian classical dance using a deep learning approach
Includes: Jana, P. Jana, P.[Prerana]

Jana, P.K.[Prasanta K.] Co Author Listing * improved differential evolution algorithm for quantifying fraudulent transactions, An
* Parallel Construction of Conflict Graph for Phylogenetic Network Problem

Jana, R.[Ricardo] Co Author Listing * Elevation and Mass Changes of the Southern Patagonia Icefield Derived from TanDEM-X and SRTM Data
* Image Registration Using Object Shape's Chain Code
* Optimizing Cloud Resources for Delivering IPTV Services Through Virtualization
* Snow Cover Reconstruction in the Brunswick Peninsula, Patagonia, Derived from a Combination of the Spectral Fusion, Mixture Analysis, and Temporal Interpolation of MODIS Data
Includes: Jana, R.[Ricardo] Jaņa, R.[Ricardo] Jana, R.

Jana, R.K. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Causal Interactions and Predictive Modelling of Financial Markets Using Econometric Methods, Maximal Overlap Discrete Wavelet Transformation and Machine Learning: A Study in Asian Context

Jana, S. Co Author Listing * 3D Objective Quality Assessment of Light Field Video Frames
* 3D visualization and mapping of choroid thickness based on optical coherence tomography: A step-by-step geometric approach
* Achieving high angular resolution via view synthesis: Quality assessment of 3D content on super multiview lightfield display
* Optimal Design of Transform Coders and Quantizers for Image Classification
* subjective evaluation of true 3D images, A
* Super-multiview content with high angular resolution: 3D quality assessment on horizontal-parallax lightfield display
Includes: Jana, S. Jana, S.[Soumya]

Janabi Sharifi, F. Co Author Listing * Automatic Selection of Image Features for Visual Servoing
* Formulation of Radiometric Feasibility Measures for Feature Selection and Planning in Visual Servoing
* Intelligent Assembly Robotic System Based on Relative Pose Measurements, An
* Robust Vision-Based Sensor Fusion Approach for Real-Time Pose Estimation, A
* Trajectory Learning for Robot Programming by Demonstration Using Hidden Markov Model and Dynamic Time Warping
Includes: Janabi Sharifi, F. Janabi-Sharifi, F.

Janabi, F.A.[Firas Al] Co Author Listing * Flood Predictability of One-Way and Two-Way WRF Nesting Coupled Hydrometeorological Flow Simulations in a Transboundary Chenab River Basin, Pakistan

Janagoudar, B.S. Co Author Listing * Vegetation Analysis And Land Use Land Cover Classification Of Forest In Uttara Kannada District India Through Geo-informatics Approach
* Vegetation Analysis And Land Use Land Cover Classification Of Forest In Uttara Kannada District India Using Remote Sensign And Gis Techniques

Janahi, L. Co Author Listing * conceptual model for IT Governance: A case study research, A

Janai, J.[Joel] Co Author Listing * 3D-SpLineNet: 3D Traffic Line Detection using Parametric Spline Representations
* Attacking Optical Flow
* Computer Vision for Autonomous Vehicles: Problems, Datasets and State of the Art
* Slow Flow: Exploiting High-Speed Cameras for Accurate and Diverse Optical Flow Reference Data
* Unsupervised Learning of Multi-Frame Optical Flow with Occlusions
Includes: Janai, J.[Joel] Janai, J.

Janaki, K. Co Author Listing * Algebraic Properties of Parikh q-Matrices on Two-Dimensional Words

Janakiraman, R.[Rajkumar] Co Author Listing * Are Digraphs Good for Free-Text Keystroke Dynamics?
* Continuous Verification Using Multimodal Biometrics
* Keystroke Dynamics in a General Setting
* Using Continuous Face Verification to Improve Desktop Security
* VIM: Vision for Interactive Music

Janakiraman, S. Co Author Listing * Signature line detection in scanned documents

Janalipour, M.[Milad] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy-GA Based Decision Making System for Detecting Damaged Buildings from High-Spatial Resolution Optical Images, A
* Monitoring the Impacts of Human Activities on Urban Ecosystems Based on the Enhanced UCCLN (EUCCLN) Model

Janan, F.[Faraz] Co Author Listing * Residual Dilated U-net For The Segmentation Of COVID-19 Infection From CT Images
* Shape Description and Matching Using Integral Invariants on Eccentricity Transformed Images

Janani, T. Co Author Listing * SEcure Similar Image Matching (SESIM): An Improved Privacy Preserving Image Retrieval Protocol over Encrypted Cloud Database

Janapati, J.[Jayalakshmi] Co Author Listing * Raindrop Size Distribution Characteristics of the Western Pacific Tropical Cyclones Measured in the Palau Islands
* Raindrop Size Distributions of North Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclones Observed at the Coastal and Inland Stations in South India

Janapati, R.[Ravichander] Co Author Listing * AlexNet-NDTL: Classification of MRI brain tumor images using modified AlexNet with deep transfer learning and Lipschitz-based data augmentation

Janaqi, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Matching Local Invariant Features with Contextual Information: An Experimental Evaluation

Janardan, R.[Ravi] Co Author Listing * Optimization Criterion for Generalized Discriminant Analysis on Undersampled Problems, An
* vision-based approach to collision prediction at traffic intersections, A
Includes: Janardan, R.[Ravi] Janardan, R.

Janardanan, R.[Rajesh] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Anthropogenic Methane Emissions over Large Regions Based on GOSAT Observations and High Resolution Transport Modeling
* Country-Scale Analysis of Methane Emissions with a High-Resolution Inverse Model Using GOSAT and Surface Observations
* Methane Emission Estimates by the Global High-Resolution Inverse Model Using National Inventories

Janaswamy, R. Co Author Listing * Direction of Arrival Estimation for Complex Sources Through L_1 Norm Sparse Bayesian Learning

Janaszewski, M.[Marcin] Co Author Listing * Airway Tree Segmentation from CT Scans Using Gradient-Guided 3D Region Growing
* Geometric Approach to Hole Segmentation and Hole Closing in 3D Volumetric Objects
* Hole filling in 3D volumetric objects
* New Method to Segment X-Ray Microtomography Images of Lamellar Titanium Alloy Based on Directional Filter Banks and Gray Level Gradient, A
* Outer Surface Reconstruction for 3D Fractured Objects
* Robust algorithm for tunnel closing in 3D volumetric objects based on topological characteristics of points
* Scale Filtered Euclidean Medial Axis
* Scale filtered Euclidean medial axis and its hierarchy
* Tangent estimation along 3D digital curves
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Janata, P.[Premysl] Co Author Listing * Use of UAV Mounted Sensors for Precise Detection of Bark Beetle Infestation, The

Janati I, M. Co Author Listing * Two-dimensional joint process lattice for adaptive restoration of images
Includes: Janati I, M. Janati-I, M.

Janati, S.E. Co Author Listing * Towards a new adaptive E-learning framework for adapting content to presentation

Janati, T.[Tarik] Co Author Listing * Simple but Effective Approach to Video Copy Detection, A

Janati, Y.[Yazid] Co Author Listing * Structured Variational Bayesian Inference for Gaussian State-Space Models With Regime Switching

Janatra, I. Co Author Listing * Visual Distortions in 360° Videos

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