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Kailas, A.[Aravind] Co Author Listing * Implementation and evaluation of cooperative adaptive cruise control functionalities

Kailasam, M.S.[Manoj Senthil] Co Author Listing * Detection of lung tumor using dual tree complex wavelet transform and co-active adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system classification approach

Kailath, T. Co Author Listing * Array Architectures for Iterative Algorithms
* Automated direct patterned wafer inspection
* Estimation of Multiple 2-D Uniform Motions by SLIDE: Subspace-Based Line Detection
* Estimation of Skew Angle in Text-Image Analysis by SLIDE: Subspace-Based Line Detection
* Patterned Wafer Inspection By High-Resolution Spectral Estimation Techniques
* Sensor Array Processing Techniques for Super Resolution Multi-Line-Fitting And Straight Edge Detection
* SLIDE: Subspace-Based Line Detection
* View of Three Decades of Linear Filtering Theory, A
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Kailay, B.C.[Balbir Chand] Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Segmenting Juxtaposed Objects, An

Kaileh, H.[Hala] Co Author Listing * Automatic Metadata Retrieval from Ancient Manuscripts

Kailkhura, B. Co Author Listing * Asymptotic Analysis of Distributed Bayesian Detection with Byzantine Data
* Can Shape Structure Features Improve Model Robustness under Diverse Adversarial Settings?
* How Robust are Randomized Smoothing based Defenses to Data Poisoning?
* Improving Diversity with Adversarially Learned Transformations for Domain Generalization
* MimicGAN: Robust Projection onto Image Manifolds with Corruption Mimicking
* More or Less (MoL): Defending against Multiple Perturbation Attacks on Deep Neural Networks through Model Ensemble and Compression
* On the Design of Black-Box Adversarial Examples by Leveraging Gradient-Free Optimization and Operator Splitting Method
* Poisson Disk Sampling on the Grassmannnian: Applications in Subspace Optimization
* Scalability vs. Utility: Do We Have to Sacrifice One for the Other in Data Importance Quantification?
* Spectral View of Randomized Smoothing Under Common Corruptions: Benchmarking and Improving Certified Robustness, A
* Universal Collaboration Strategies for Signal Detection: A Sparse Learning Approach
Includes: Kailkhura, B. Kailkhura, B.[Bhavya]
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