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Kasuga, H. Co Author Listing * evolutionary approach for the generation of diversiform characters using a handwriting model, An

Kasuga, M.[Masao] Co Author Listing * Virtualized Stomach Wall and Its Deformation Model

Kasugai, K.[Kunio] Co Author Listing * Extending Fast Marching Method under Point Light Source Illumination and Perspective Projection
* Recovering size and shape of polyp from endoscope image by RBF-NN modification

Kasukabe, T.[Toshiaki] Co Author Listing * Development of System for Comprehensively Measuring Driving Ability for Elderly Safe Driving

Kasumagic, L.[Lamija] Co Author Listing * Future of Mobile TV in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kasun, L.L.C. Co Author Listing * Dimension Reduction With Extreme Learning Machine
* Elmnet: Feature learning using extreme learning machines

Kasutani, E. Co Author Listing * adaptive feature comparison method for real-time video identification, An
* Image Signature Robust to Caption Superimposition for Video Sequence Identification
* MPEG-7 Color Layout Descriptor: a Compact Image Feature Description for High-speed Image/video Segment Retrieval, The
* On image segmentation for object-based image retrieval

Kasuya, H.[Hideto] Co Author Listing * efficient two-scan algorithm for computing basic shape features of objects in a binary image, An
* fast algorithm for integrating connected-component labeling and euler number computation, A

Kasuya, N.[Nozomu] Co Author Listing * Automatic player's view generation of real soccer scenes based on trajectory tracking
* comparison between two 3D free-viewpoint generation methods: Player-billboard and 3D reconstruction, A
* Grid-Based Active Stereo with Single-Colored Wave Pattern for Dense One-shot 3D Scan
* One-Shot Entire Shape Scanning by Utilizing Multiple Projector-Camera Constraints of Grid Patterns
* Robust and Accurate One-Shot 3D Reconstruction by 2C1P System with Wave Grid Pattern
* Robust trajectory estimation of soccer players by using two cameras
Includes: Kasuya, N.[Nozomu] Kasuya, N.

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