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Kazi Tani, L.F. Co Author Listing * Events Recognition for a Semi-automatic Annotation of Soccer Videos: A Study Based Deep Learning

Kazi Tani, M.Y. Co Author Listing * Events Recognition for a Semi-automatic Annotation of Soccer Videos: A Study Based Deep Learning

Kazi, A.[Anees] Co Author Listing * Coupled Manifold Learning for Retrieval Across Modalities
* Differentiable Graph Module (DGM) for Graph Convolutional Networks

Kazi, F. Co Author Listing * Passivity based control of stochastic mechanical system

Kazi, F.S. Co Author Listing * PI-lambda-D-mu controller design for underactuated mechanical systems

Kazi, Z.[Zunaid] Co Author Listing * Color and three-dimensional vision-based assistive telemanipulation

Kazic, T.[Toni] Co Author Listing * Extracting complex lesion phenotypes in Zea mays
* opinion on imaging challenges in phenotyping field crops, An

Kazienko, P.[Przemyslaw] Co Author Listing * Prediction of Sequential Values for Debt Recovery

Kazihise, N.G.F.[Ntikurako Guy Fernand] Co Author Listing * Iterative PET image reconstruction using cascaded data consistency generative adversarial network
Includes: Kazihise, N.G.F.[Ntikurako Guy Fernand] Kazihise, N.G.F.[Ntikurako Guy-Fernand]

Kazik, T.[Tim] Co Author Listing * Real-time 6D stereo Visual Odometry with non-overlapping fields of view

Kazimi, B.[Bashir] Co Author Listing * Object Instance Segmentation in Digital Terrain Models

Kazimierski, K.S. Co Author Listing * Variational Decompression of Image Data From DjVu Encoded Files

Kazimierski, W.[Witold] Co Author Listing * Determination of Process Noise for Underwater Target Tracking with Forward Looking Sonar
* Empirical Application of Automotive 3D Radar Sensor for Target Detection for an Autonomous Surface Vehicle's Navigation, The
* Methodology for Combining Data Acquired by Unmanned Surface and Aerial Vehicles to Create Digital Bathymetric Models in Shallow and Ultra-Shallow Waters
* Radar and Sonar Imaging and Processing
* Radar and Sonar Imaging and Processing (2nd Edition)
* Shore Construction Detection by Automotive Radar for the Needs of Autonomous Surface Vehicle Navigation

Kazinnik, R. Co Author Listing * Low Bit-Rate Image Coding Using Adaptive Geometric Piecewise Polynomial Approximation

Kaziska, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Cyclostationary Processes on Shape Spaces for Gait-Based Recognition
* Statistical Shape Models Using Elastic-String Representations

Kaziyeva, D.[Dana] Co Author Listing * Simulating Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Bicycle Flows with an Agent-Based Model

Kaziyeva, N.[Nazym] Co Author Listing * Barcoding in Biometrics and Its Development

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