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Keck, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Improving the performance of interferometric imaging through the use of disturbance feedforward

Keck, K.[Katie] Co Author Listing * Structure-based level set method for automatic retinal vasculature segmentation

Keck, M. Co Author Listing * Real-time tracking of low-resolution vehicles for wide-area persistent surveillance

Keck, M.A.[Mark A.] Co Author Listing * 3D occlusion recovery using few cameras
* Kernel-Based 3D Tracking
* Multiview fusion for canonical view generation based on homography constraints
* Recovery and Reasoning About Occlusions in 3D Using Few Cameras with Applications to 3D Tracking
* Tracking mean shift clustered point clouds for 3D surveillance
* Two-Stage Template Approach to Person Detection in Thermal Imagery, A
Includes: Keck, M.A.[Mark A.] Keck, Jr., M.A.[Mark A.]

Keckeisen, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * ProAI: An Efficient Embedded AI Hardware for Automotive Applications: A Benchmark Study

Keckhut, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Case Study of a Mesospheric Temperature Inversion over Maido Observatory through a Multi-Instrumental Observation
* INSPIRE-SAT 7, a Second CubeSat to Measure the Earth's Energy Budget and to Probe the Ionosphere
* Lidar measurements for water vapor vertical profiles up to the stratosphere
* New Method Based on a Multilayer Perceptron Network to Determine In-Orbit Satellite Attitude for Spacecrafts without Active ADCS Like UVSQ-SAT, A
* Transport and Variability of Tropospheric Ozone over Oceania and Southern Pacific during the 2019-20 Australian Bushfires
* UVSQ-SAT, a Pathfinder CubeSat Mission for Observing Essential Climate Variables
* UVSQ-SAT/INSPIRESat-5 CubeSat Mission: First In-Orbit Measurements of the Earth's Outgoing Radiation, The
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Keckler, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Augmenting Legacy Networks for Flexible Inference

Kecklund, G. Co Author Listing * Detecting Driver Sleepiness Using Optimized Nonlinear Combinations of Sleepiness Indicators
* Real-Time Adaptation of Driving Time and Rest Periods in Automated Long-Haul Trucking: Development of a System Based on Biomathematical Modelling, Fatigue and Relaxation Monitoring
Includes: Kecklund, G. Kecklund, G.[Göran]

Keckstein, J.[Jorg] Co Author Listing * Glenda: Gynecologic Laparoscopy Endometriosis Dataset
Includes: Keckstein, J.[Jorg] Keckstein, J.[Jörg]

Keckstein, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Glenda: Gynecologic Laparoscopy Endometriosis Dataset

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