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Konrad Verse, O.[Olaf] Co Author Listing * Minimally-Interactive Watershed Algorithm Designed for Efficient CTA Bone Removal, A
Includes: Konrad Verse, O.[Olaf] Konrad-Verse, O.[Olaf]

Konrad, H.[Hannes] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Mass Trends of the Antarctic Ice Sheet through a Spectral Combination of Satellite Gravimetry and Radar Altimetry Observations

Konrad, J.[Janusz] Co Author Listing * 2D-to-3D image conversion by learning depth from examples
* Abnormal behavior detection and behavior matching for networked cameras
* Action Recognition From Video Using Feature Covariance Matrices
* Action Recognition in Video by Sparse Representation on Covariance Manifolds of Silhouette Tunnels
* Action Recognition Using Sparse Representation on Covariance Manifolds of Optical Flow
* Arithmetic coding of a lossless contour based representation of label images
* Automatic Assessment of Hoarding Clutter from Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Background Subtraction Framework Based on Local Spatial Distributions
* Bayesian Estimation of Motion Vector Fields
* Bayesian Winner-Take-All Reconstruction of Intermediate Views from Stereoscopic Images
* Behavior Subtraction
* Block-Based MAP Disparity Estimation Under Alpha-Channel Constraints
* BSUV-Net: A Fully-Convolutional Neural Network for Background Subtraction of Unseen Videos
* Cancellation of Image Crosstalk in Time-Sequential Displays of Stereoscopic Video
* CDnet 2014: An Expanded Change Detection Benchmark Dataset
* A new change detection benchmark dataset
* CNN-Based Indoor Occupant Localization via Active Scene Illumination
* Coding-Oriented Video Segmentation Inspired by MRF Models
* Comparative Evaluation of Algorithms for Fast Computation of Level Set PDEs with Applications to Motion Segmentation, A
* Comparison of Stochastic and Deterministic Solution Methods in Bayesian Estimation of 2-D Motion, A
* Cyclically-Trained Adversarial Network for Invariant Representation Learning, A
* Detection and Summarization of Salient Events in Coastal Environments
* Efficient, Robust, and Fast Global Motion Estimation for Video Coding
* Estimating head pose orientation using extremely low resolution images
* Estimation and compensation of accelerated motion for temporal sequence interpolation
* Estimation of Nonlinear Transfer Curves for Conversion of Color Images to a Known Color Space
* Estimation of trajectories for accelerated motion from time-varying imagery
* Foreground-Adaptive Background Subtraction
* Fractal image compression with region-based functionality
* Fusion Approaches to Predict Post-stroke Aphasia Severity from Multimodal Neuroimaging Data
* gesture-driven computer interface using Kinect, A
* Image saliency: From intrinsic to extrinsic context
* Implicit Active-Contouring with MRF
* Improved POCS reconstruction of stereoscopic views
* Improvement of Stereo Disparity Estimation Through Balanced Filtering: The Sliding-Block Approach
* Interpretation of uniform translational image motion: DCT versus FT
* Joint space-time image sequence segmentation based on volume competition and level sets
* Learning-based depth estimation from 2D images using GIST and saliency
* Learning-Based, Automatic 2D-to-3D Image and Video Conversion
* Leveraging shape and depth in user authentication from in-air hand gestures
* Light and Fast Statistical Motion Detection Method Based on Ergodic Model
* Linear shift-variant filtering for POCS reconstruction of irregularly sampled images
* Low-Resolution Overhead Thermal Tripwire for Occupancy Estimation
* MIO-TCD: A New Benchmark Dataset for Vehicle Classification and Localization
* Modeling background activity for behavior subtraction
* Motion analysis in 3D DCT domain and its application to video coding
* Motion detection with an unstable camera
* Motion detection with false discovery rate control
* Motion estimation and compensation under varying illumination
* Motion estimation for region-based video coding
* Motion segmentation and abnormal behavior detection via behavior clustering
* Motion Segmentation with Level Sets
* Multigrid Bayesian Estimation of Image Motion Fields Using Stochastic Relaxation
* Multiple Motion Segmentation with Level Sets
* New Class of Fast Shape-Adaptive Orthogonal Transforms and Their Application to Region-Based Image Compression
* Novel Video Dataset for Change Detection Benchmarking, A
* Occlusion-Aware Optical Flow Estimation
* Occlusion-Aware View Interpolation
* POCS-based Image Reconstruction from Irregularly-spaced Samples
* Privacy-Preserving Indoor Localization via Active Scene Illumination
* Privacy-preserving, indoor occupant localization using a network of single-pixel sensors
* RAPiD: Rotation-Aware People Detection in Overhead Fisheye Images
* Reconstruction of irregularly-sampled images by regularization in spline spaces
* Reconstruction of Nonuniformly Sampled Images in Spline Spaces
* Reduced-complexity shape-adaptive DCT for region-based image coding
* Region-adaptive transform based on a stochastic model
* Region-Based Image Compression Using Fractals and Shape-Adaptive DCT
* Selective image diffusion: application to disparity estimation
* Semi-Coupled Two-Stream Fusion ConvNets for Action Recognition at Extremely Low Resolutions
* Silhouettes versus skeletons in gesture-based authentication with Kinect
* Space-Time Image Sequence Analysis: Object Tunnels and Occlusion Volumes
* Special Section on Distributed Camera Networks: Sensing, Processing, Communication, and Implementation
* Statistical Background Subtraction Using Spatial Cues
* Subsampling Models and Anti-Alias Filters for 3-D Automultiscopic Displays
* Topology-independent Region Tracking with Level Sets
* Towards automatic assessment of compulsive hoarding from images
* Towards Gesture-Based User Authentication
* Towards privacy-preserving activity recognition using extremely low temporal and spatial resolution cameras
* Towards privacy-preserving recognition of human activities
* Two-Stream CNNs for Gesture-Based Verification and Identification: Learning User Style
* Value of Multiple Viewpoints in Gesture-Based User Authentication, The
* VGAN-Based Image Representation Learning for Privacy-Preserving Facial Expression Recognition
* Video Analytics for Surveillance: Theory and Practice
* Video Anomaly Identification
* Video Condensation by Ribbon Carving
* Wavelet-based Reconstruction of Irregularly-sampled Images: Application to Stereo Imaging
* WEPDTOF: A Dataset and Benchmark Algorithms for In-the-Wild People Detection and Tracking from Overhead Fisheye Cameras
Includes: Konrad, J.[Janusz] Konrad, J.
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Konrad, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * Custom Design of JPEG Quantisation Tables for Compressing Iris Polar Images to Improve Recognition Accuracy
* Resolving stereo matching errors due to repetitive structures using model information
Includes: Konrad, M.[Mario] Konrad, M.[Marcus]

Konrad, P.E. Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Placement of Deep Brain Stimulators: From Planning to Intraoperative Guidance
* Deformable Physiological Atlas-Based Programming of Deep Brain Stimulators: A Feasibility Study
Includes: Konrad, P.E. Konrad, P.E.[Peter E.]

Konrad, S.G.[S. Gerling] Co Author Listing * Flexible System Architecture for Acquisition and Storage of Naturalistic Driving Data, A

Konrad, U. Co Author Listing * Toward Nonconventional Human-Machine Interfaces for Supervisory Plant Process Monitoring

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