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Kowdle, A.[Adarsh] Co Author Listing * Active learning for piecewise planar 3D reconstruction
* ActiveStereoNet: End-to-End Self-supervised Learning for Active Stereo Systems
* Combining Monocular Geometric Cues with Traditional Stereo Cues for Consumer Camera Stereo
* Cutout-search: Putting a name to the picture
* HITNet: Hierarchical Iterative Tile Refinement Network for Real-time Stereo Matching
* HyperDepth: Learning Depth from Structured Light without Matching
* iCoseg: Interactive co-segmentation with intelligent scribble guidance
* Interactive Co-segmentation of Objects in Image Collections
* Interactively Co-segmentating Topically Related Images with Intelligent Scribble Guidance
* Learned Monocular Depth Priors in Visual-Inertial Initialization
* Learning to Segment a Video to Clips Based on Scene and Camera Motion
* Low Compute and Fully Parallel Computer Vision with HashMatch
* Multiple View Object Cosegmentation Using Appearance and Stereo Cues
* Putting the User in the Loop for Image-Based Modeling
* Recovering depth of a dynamic scene using real world motion prior
* Revisiting Depth Layers from Occlusions
* Scribble based interactive 3D reconstruction via scene co-segmentation
* Seed Image Selection in interactive cosegmentation
* StereoNet: Guided Hierarchical Refinement for Real-Time Edge-Aware Depth Prediction
* Toward Holistic Scene Understanding: Feedback Enabled Cascaded Classification Models
* TwinFusion: High Framerate Non-rigid Fusion through Fast Correspondence Tracking
* UltraStereo: Efficient Learning-Based Matching for Active Stereo Systems
* Video categorization using object of interest detection
* Which Edges Matter?
Includes: Kowdle, A.[Adarsh] Kowdle, A.
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