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Laface, P. Co Author Listing * Parallel implementation of Artificial Neural Network training for speech recognition
* syntactic procedure for the recognition of glottal pulses in continuous speech, A

Lafarge, F.[Florent] Co Author Listing * 3D City Modeling Based on Hidden Markov Model
* Approximating shapes in images with low-complexity polygons
* Automatic Building Extraction from DEMs Using an Object Approach and Application to the 3D-City Modeling
* Automatic Building Reconstruction Method: A Structural Approach using High Resolution Satellite Images, An
* Building large urban environments from unstructured point data
* Building reconstruction from a single DEM
* Combining meshes and geometric primitives for accurate and semantic modeling
* Connect-and-Slice: An Hybrid Approach for Reconstructing 3D Objects
* Creating Large-Scale City Models from 3D-Point Clouds: A Robust Approach with Hybrid Representation
* Detecting parametric objects in large scenes by Monte Carlo sampling
* Efficient Monte Carlo Sampler for Detecting Parametric Objects in Large Scenes
* Efficient Representation of 3d Buildings: Application to The Evaluation of City Models, An
* Extracting Geometric Structures in Images with Delaunay Point Processes
* Finding Good Configurations of Planar Primitives in Unorganized Point Clouds
* Floorplan generation from 3D point clouds: A space partitioning approach
* Forest point processes for the automatic extraction of networks in raster data
* Forward to the theme issue on point cloud processing
* Generating compact meshes under planar constraints: An automatic approach for modeling buildings from aerial LiDAR
* Geometric Feature Extraction by a Multimarked Point Process
* Geometric Primitive Extraction Process for Remote Sensing Problems, A
* Hybrid multi-view reconstruction by Jump-Diffusion
* Hybrid Multiview Stereo Algorithm for Modeling Urban Scenes, A
* Image partitioning into convex polygons
* Indoor scene reconstruction using feature sensitive primitive extraction and graph-cut
* Insertion of 3-D-Primitives in Mesh-Based Representations: Towards Compact Models Preserving the Details
* KIPPI: KInetic Polygonal Partitioning of Images
* Lidar waveform modeling using a marked point process
* Line drawing interpretation in a multi-view context
* Low-Power Neural Networks for Semantic Segmentation of Satellite Images
* Marked Point Process for Modeling Lidar Waveforms, A
* New Computationally Efficient Stochastic Approach for Building Reconstruction from Satellite Data, A
* Parametric Model for Automatic 3D Building Reconstruction from High Resolution Satellite Images, A
* Planar Shape Detection at Structural Scales
* Preface: the 2020 Edition of the XXIVth ISPRS Congress
* Pyramid scene parsing network in 3D: Improving semantic segmentation of point clouds with multi-scale contextual information
* Recovering Line-Networks in Images by Junction-Point Processes
* Rectangular Road Marking Detection with Marked Point Processes
* Repairing geometric errors in 3D urban models with kinetic data structures
* Semantic segmentation of 3D textured meshes for urban scene analysis
* Single-Shot End-to-end Road Graph Extraction
* stochastic approach for modelling airborne lidar waveforms, A
* Structural Approach for Building Reconstruction from a Single DSM
* Textural Kernel for SVM Classification in Remote Sensing: Application to Forest Fire Detection and Urban Area Extraction
* Texture Representation by Geometric Objects using a Jump-Diffusion Process
* Towards Large-Scale City Reconstruction from Satellites
Includes: Lafarge, F.[Florent] Lafarge, F.
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Lafarge, M.W. Co Author Listing * Progressively Trained Convolutional Neural Networks for Deformable Image Registration

Lafay, J.F. Co Author Listing * Shared Steering Control Between a Driver and an Automation: Stability in the Presence of Driver Behavior Uncertainty

Lafaye, J.[Julien] Co Author Listing * Blind and squaring-resistant watermarking of vectorial building layers
* On the Complexity of Obtaining Optimal Watermarking Schemes

Lafaye, M. Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing In A Changing Climate and Environment: The Rift Valley Fever Case

Lafaysse, M.[Matthieu] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Sub-Kilometric Numerical Simulations of C-Band Radar Backscatter over the French Alps against Sentinel-1 Observations
* Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Snowpack Simulations in Complex Alpine Terrain Using Satellite and In Situ Observations

Lafazani, P. Co Author Listing * Shallow-water Bathymetry Over Variable Bottom Types Using Multispectral Worldview-2 Image

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